The People Speak In This Week’s “Letters To The Editor”


Are Service Projects Still Relevant?

Dear Editor:

     Each year members of the Golden K Kiwanis Club of Decatur contribute, on average, 18,000 volunteer hours to the Decatur Community. We do this through Service Projects, some of which we have continued for several years. The question becomes: are these projects still relevant? We would like to ask for input from the community. What do you see as the greatest need of kids in our community? Our Moto is “We serve the children of the world.”

     To serve the children in our world, we need to know what they need, right here and right now. Would it not be great if one day, every kid woke up healthy, safe, warm, well fed, and loved. Perhaps we cannot achieve such a lofty goal, but we can make a beginning. Please share your thoughts and ideas to: Together we can make a difference.

Charles Smith, Decatur

America Continues Senseless Killing

Dear Editor:

     The latest horrible mass murders of innocent people in El Paso, TX and in Dayton, OH shows how inhumane and ungodly some Americans have become. Precious human life had no meaning to the shooters. Their goal was probably to kill and terrorize as many as they could, and they did, and are still doing it. They obviously had no fear of God, Hell, nor the Lake of Fire. Or they were not educated about the Creator, and those places he prepared for the unrepented murderers, liers, adulterous, homosexuals, unbelievers, and the list goes on and on. Because of past ungodly Supreme Court decisions, our education systems, have taken to teaching, humanism, in place of godly instructions, to our children. Now accountability to God and His moral laws is not taught in our schools and in many of our churches. But God will always hold humanity accountable! Humanism has replaced God’s moral laws and guidance, to the detriment of our beloved America.

     The result is America has turn against God and His Word. The Supreme Court’s so call “Separation of Church and State” decision, and subsequent decisions, have had disastrous consequences. Instead of following God’s Laws, the Supreme Court has approved one abomination after the other and has embolden the wicked. Many seeking the presidency, claiming they want “to transform America” would actually bring the destruction of our country. They claim they are “progressive” but they are actually “regressive” and would starve the nation.

     Going back to horse and buggy is not progressive! All the humans killing innocent humans that is now going on, reminds me of what will happen when Jesus, in Heaven, breaks the second seal on the book. By that time the world has gotten so wicked that God gives the rider of the red horse the “power” “to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another.” How close we are to that, only God Almighty knows.

Manuel Ybarra, Jr., Coalgate, OK

Despite Pritzker’s Promise, There’s No Relief For The Middle Class

Dear Editor:

     Here we are in August. Mr. Pritzker has been governor for less than a year but with the help of State Lawmakers (Democrats) they have raised taxes over $4,000,000,000 (4 billion) dollars. When he was running “JB” said the rich would pay and the middle class would get relief.

     Let’s look at some of the middle-class relief:

     • Doubled the gas tax. Who will be most hurt by this? The middle- and lower-income people.

     • Increase vehicle registration. Who will be hurt the most?

     • Increase truck registration. The costs will be passed on and we will all pay more for goods and services. Who will be hurt most?

     The taxes go on and on, but I think you get the idea. JB and the Democrats lied to the people of Illinois! Now they want to change the Constitution to allow for a progressive income tax. Think what they will be able to do with that! Illinois is in trouble! With JB and the Democrats in power it will only get worse. It is time we stopped them. We need to vote them out, get term limits, and not to change the constitution.

     The 4 billion dollars does nothing to get the state out of our money problems. They say the increases are needed to fix Illinois. How can you trust them? They have not told the truth in the past! I hope all of you who voted for “JB” are happy! Four billion in new taxes and the State is still in debt! One more thing the State Lawmakers voted (by not voting) to give themselves a pay raise.     

     If you or I worked like the politicians in Springfield, we would not get a raise, we would get fired! T hey do nothing and get the 5th highest salary among the States.

Russell Stoss, Decatur

Response To July 31st ‘Letter To The Editor’

Dear Editor:

     My intent is not to get into one of those contests that starts with a capital P, but to make a short response to a letter by Bill Steenblock that appeared in the July 31st issue of your publication. I was amused to see that the writer had to go back to 1876 to try to make his case that the term “Democratic Socialist” is a “Republican Smear”. This is 2019 and if the writer kept current with news he would know that Bernie Sanders is a self proclaimed “Democratic Socialist”.?? End of “Smear”. In addition I’d like to thank the writer for adding another name to the T-Shirt I plan to have made. The term “Contemptable” will go quite well with “Deplorable”, “Irredeemable” and “Dreg Of Society” to name a few. In closing I also noted what he didn’t deny.

Brad Collins, Hillsboro

Another Response To July 31st ‘Letter To The Editor’

Dear Editor,

     The letter of Mr. Steenblock in the July 31 issue is not just in error, it is essentially defamatory, his polemics not withstanding. The election of 1876 was between Rutherford Hayes(R) and Samuel Tilden(D). Hayes of Ohio was the candidate of what today would be known as moderate Republicans. Tilden of New York was the candidate of the Southern Ku Klux Klan and the Northeast political bosses who controlled the immigrant and Catholic vote. The election was close only because African American voters in the southern states were intimidated and often lynched to prevent them from voting Republican as they had done during the previous Grant administration.

     The nineteen disputed electoral votes that Tilden got from the south were essentially the product of criminal activity and those from the northeast, not much better. (See “Roots” and “Gangs of New York”) Oddly enough, Tilden might could have won honestly had it not been for the votes that went to the newly formed Greenback party and was popular in the west and midwest. It received over 2% of the popular vote though no electoral votes. In the end it profited Hayes little and the country none as he ended reconstruction and protection of Black voters which consigned the South to the Democrats until Eisenhower began to make inroads for the Republicans.

     Hayes served only one term. As for the rest of the charges of Republican inspired tactics, they pale beside such well known events as Daley of Chicago, Pritzker and Madigan all over Illinois and the continuous recount fiasco in Minnesota that gave us Senator Al Franken, who proved just as comedic in the senate as on Saturday Night Live. Finally, there is that paragon of Southern virtue, voluntarily removed to New Jersey, Woodrow Wilson of South Carolina, who resegregated the federal civilian workforce and got us into WW I because he was unable to convince the Germans otherwise that we would fight simply because he never told them we would.

Donald Link, Louisville, Ky

How About A Little Honesty?

To The Editor:

     The bully pulpit session at Richland Community College was nothing more than a scheme dreamed up by the Davis campaign to avoid answering to “we the people”. Davis has receive a lot of criticism about refusing public town hall meetings where he would have to answer for his undying allegiance to an extremely corrupt and undemocratic President. As well IL Rep Caulkins denied voters the right to hold our elected leaders accountable, thus denying democracy to Illinoisans. The truth is, both Representatives took PAC donations from the rich and devious; wealthy donors that are their only constituents. That money has bought their allegiance and ordinary Americans do not matter. It is difficult to know if the Herald and Review purposely joined the scheme or was duped into a forum where voters were not allowed to ask questions or respond to far less than honest answers.

     However the H&R involved itself, it was a disservice and showed a lack bi-partisanship and interest in the public good. In follow-up articles by the H&R, the editorial staff referred to people screaming from the crowd. The only person I saw screaming was Caulkins when he screamed at me twice trying to force me to leave, which I refused. Apparently his military career gave him the idea that he could bark orders and voters would obey. The comments from me came when Caulkins went on a rant blaming Democrats for all our ills.

     When Caulkins tried to deny me my First Amendment rights, many folks supported me. Davis touted the Republican version of health care including pre-existing conditions which would bankrupt nearly every senior citizen in America, but Davis conveniently left that part out. Davis showed his lack of character when he told the crowd the Trump did not break any laws. Davis has to go.

Mike Griffin, Decatur



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  1. Roger German on August 14, 2019 at 8:49 pm

    Mr Griffin, I was at the forum. You knew the format of the forum before you arrived. You know you were able to submit a question for the Davis and or Caulkins. You also know there were many people there who submitted a question. In the first 10 minutes you arrogantly and rudely stood up, interrupting who was speaking stating you were Mike Griffin. None of us were impressed. Your free speech right doesn’t extend to denying everyone else right to hear the Davis & Caulkins. Just what kind of forum would it have been if everyone stood up at the same time and loudly interrupted the speakers? Everyone has a free speech right, correct? Or is it just you?. And there was screaming from the anti-Republican-Trump crowd, I HEARD IT! The raucous anti-Republican-Trump crowd’s bullying behavior drove people from the forum; The guy sitting next to me said he feared violence from the group constantly interrupting the speakers and was angry about his inability to hear the speakers. Yes, indeed, How About A Little Honesty?

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