The People Speak In ‘Letters To The Editor’

Agrees With Column On Condition Of State Of Illinois Government

Dear Editor:

     I just received the July 3rd issue of the “Tribune” here in “The Boro” today. One of the first things I read is your “Editorial Opinion”. I, and I know many others who couldn’t agree more with your “State Of The State” opinion in this issue. I’ve spent my entire life in Illinois and was raised with pretty much the same values as you were. I remember Illinois once being a great state to live in.

     Over the past 40 years I’ve watched it decline to what you described, a morally and fiscally bankrupt state. I point to one thing that has brought us to this point: the “Progressive” movement rooted in the now morally bankrupt Democrat party. Having been raised in a hard working Democrat home I claimed the Democrat party as mine for many years.

     The party abandoned me with the election of Jimmy Carter, who I voted for. In my humble opinion the last “Democrat” was JFK. Today I see a Democrat Party in name only. Some have taken up the banner of “Democratic Socialist”, a polite way of saying “Socialist/Communist”. Rest assured, where there is Socialism, Communism is not far behind. The only difference is the rifle in your back. That is today’s Democrat Party, “Socialist/Communist”.

     We’re a large state with 102 counties. Sadly only a handful of those counties rule us. One only needs to look north to Cook County and its collar counties to identify the epicenter of our states demise.

Brad Collins,  Hillsboro

Editorial On State Of Illinois Is Right On Target

Mr. Osborne,

     Your editorial lamenting the sad state of affairs in this formerly great State of Illinois is right on target. I commend you for having the courage to stand up and state your convictions. I hope all of your readers will take time to consider the ramifications of the path we’re currently on and resist the “progressive” agenda before we reach the point of no return.

John Fluss. Edwardsville

Photo Stirs Memories Of Rain And 200 Block Grand Avenue In The 1940s

Dear Paul:

     I receive my Tribune yesterday and was looking over the back page, as I always do when I get it, and enjoyed the Scrapbook memory with a picture of a child playing in the rain in a ditch full of water. It brought back memories of when I lived in the 200 block of Grand Ave. in the 1940’s.

     Rain would always bring the neighborhood kids to my house as we set on the front porch and waited for the water in the street to overflow the sidewalk. The whole street would be flooded, and the cars had to slow down to a crawl. Those who had shoes on (most did not) got them off in a hurry and off we’d go.

     We had a great time in those days until the city put in new larger sewers that took all the water (and our fun) down the drain. Good times, but Paul I believe you should think twice about taking off your shoes and finding a grassy ditch full of water. Find the ditch and then take off your shoes. And also, your socks.

Larry Otis, Decatur

Reader Agrees With ‘Letter To The Editor’ On The Equality Act

Dear Editor:

     My husband and I live in Charleston, SC. Being natives of Decatur we love reading about current events there and seeing the pictures of times past. The Tribune was a gift from my sister Linda Dalluge and we have kept up the subscription because we enjoy the paper so much. I place the Tribune in a “place of honor” in the master bathroom where we take the time to read it from cover to cover.

     Today Gary brought me the July 3rd copy to be sure I had read the editorial page. We do not know Roger German but his letter concerning HR5 (The Equality Act) is one of the best thought out and written arguments to protect our nation’s Constitution I have read!

     There is nothing I could add to or change but because he expresses our thoughts and feeling so correctly I was driven to write and thank him and you for publishing it. I actually wish you might re-print it and get it out there for others who may have overlooked it initially. This is important for all Christians!

Brenda S. Sharp, Charleston, SC

Enjoyed Seeing Photo Of Transfer House Taken At End Of World War II

Dear Mr. Osborne,

     I enjoyed your article in the July 3 edition on the Lincoln Square especially the picture of the Transfer House and the people celebrating the end of WW ll which was caused by the surrender of the nation of Japan. I remember that day very well as a five year old eating supper at my grandparents and a neighbor coming over and telling all of us that he heard on the radio that the war was over. In that picture you will see seven people on the roof, five servicemen and two civilians. The civilian on the right carrying the flag is seventeen year old Harry E. Mundwiler. He celebrated by roller skating around the circular roof of the Transfer House carrying the Stars and Stripes. Harry, a retired City of Decatur Water Department employee recently celebrated his ninety-first birthday. Keep those local history articles coming.

Lyle B. Clary, Decatur

Can’t Afford Medicines, Doctors Without ACA

Dear Editor,

     I continue to live with the help of medicine. Without the ACA I would not be able to afford those medicines nor the doctors who prescribe them.

ChJ Loveall, Decatur


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    Brenda S. Sharp, thanks for your kind words. It’s good to know someone read it.

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