Letters: Raising The Minimum Wage Can Cause Numerous Problems


 Dear Editor:

     Recently, J.B. Pritzker signed a law stating that by 2025 the minimum wage in Illinois would be 15 dollars per hour. This had been one of his campaign promises, and as such it was important that he delivered upon it. However, raising the minimum wage can cause numerous problems, and it is important that people are aware of these problems. Most employers will want their employees to work more difficult jobs to compensate for the amount that they are being paid. This could force an unqualified employee to work a job that is quite dangerous. Doing this could potentially cause workplace disasters.

     Employers may also wish to use devices that replace employees such as machines. This could raise the unemployment level, making the situation even worse. The more noticeable problem for the general public is the increase in prices likely to accompany the growing minimum wage. Most businesses will increase their prices to compensate for the minimum wage. This will hurt everyone, and the people who will be hurt the most will likely be the people who work at the minimum wage.

     This could potentially make the increase to wages completely useless. It is also important to consider the effect on small businesses. Because of the large wage each employee would need to be given, most small business owners would try to avoid growing. This could also lead to higher unemployment. Ultimately, while raising the minimum wage could help people, it is very important to make sure that everyone knows that it could still cause problems for everyone.

Eric Manley, Decatur

Democrats “Equality Act” Is Religious Persecution

Dear Editor:      

     I am writing to express my displeasure with the congressional house democrats for passing HR 5, the so-called “Equality Act”. HR 5, if enacted, would be a violation of the US Constitution’s first amendment. This proposed bill should have never made it to the floor of the house for a vote, as it denies Christians religious freedom. For there to be free exercise of religion; there must be freedom of worship, the right of religious conscience, and free speech. The Bill of Rights was added to the US Constitution to protect our rights. It’s protection from an over-reaching federal government.

     The 1st amendment states in part; Congress shall make NO law prohibiting the free exercise of religion. With the proposed “Equality Act”, the house democrats passed a law that restricts the free exercise of religion. What’s at risk for Christians you ask; the short list is Churches would be forced to host same-sex ceremonies or would lose tax-exempt status for noncompliance. If you are a Christian business owner, you will lose your religious right of Christian conscience. Christian bakers will be forced to bake same-sex wedding cakes, florists will be forced to provide flowers for same-sex weddings, etc.

     The federal government will force Christians to sin or out of business. To true Bible believing Christians, LGBT behaviors and same-sex marriage are sins. When the federal government can tell you by way of “The Equality Act” what you can’t believe in the Bible, then there is no free exercise of religion. No true Christian can rewrite the Bible or ignore parts to please a dictatorial government.

     While we all sin and fall short of the glory of God, to be a true Christian, one must strive to have faithful obedience to God’s word. The Bible says, “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin” (James 4:17) While sin is a personal act, we Christians have a responsibility for the sins committed by others when we cooperate in them:

     • by participating directly and voluntarily in them • by ordering, advising, praising, or approving them

     • by not trying to discourage the sinner from sinning You cannot separate freedom of worship, right of conscience, and freedom of speech without denying Christians the free exercise of religion.

     Yes, we as Christians are instructed to love our neighbor, but we are not to love our neighbor’s sins. This proposed bill is designed to trick people, by use of the words “equality act”, when the truth is it is about special rights for LGBT and religious persecution. Blacks are black because of genetics, those who are LGBT are not that way because of genetics. Several years ago, about 150 genetic scientists from around the world mapped the human genome and didn’t find a LGBT gene.

     The LGBT “born that way” claim is liberal ideology and not based on objective, evidence-based science. All behavior is a choice, unless a mental disorder or mental illness is involved. This proposed act is designed to give special protections for unnatural and sinful LGBT behaviors which will have the effect of watering down our constitutionally protected religious freedoms. One stated purpose of the federal government is to secure and protect our rights.

     Congress can’t lawfully dilute our constitutionally protected religious freedom by enacting a federal statute. If the federal government can change the US Constitution with a federal statute, what’s the point of article V in the US Constitution? The US Constitution is the supreme law of the land and is “We the People’s” document which creates the federal government and granted them only limited and enumerated powers. Congress knows well Article V of the US Constitution must be used to amend the US Constitution, not a federal statute. HR 5, the so-called Equality act, is repugnant to the US Constitution and is outside the scope of powers granted to the federal government because it will effectively abridge Christian doctrine.

     The federal government is not all powerful, though, sometimes they think they are. HR 5, the so-called Equality act, if enacted, will unlawfully conflict with the US Constitution. This legislation will enact special legal rights for a class of people based on their sexual preference and practices. It is also wrong to grant special rights to such a narrow class of people that isn’t available to the rest of society. Forcing Christians to kneel at the altar of sodomy is the democrats end game; their actions show they have no respect for our religious freedom and are, in fact, nothing short of an attack on religious freedom. HR 5 must be voted down by the US Senate. Congress obeying the US Constitution cannot be optional.

Roger German, Decatur

No Legitmate Reason For Anyone To Keep Tiger In Backyard Pen

Dear Editor:

     A Bloomington woman and her child were injured after being attacked by an escaped pet caracal, a large exotic cat similar to a lynx. Both were hospitalized, and police killed the caracal. Keeping wild animals in backyard pens and basement cages is like lighting a fuse and pretending it won’t go off. Denied everything that is important to them and forced into close contact with humans, stressed and agitated animals frequently lash out or make a break for it. Countless people have suffered devastating injuries, many losing limbs or their very lives.

     Yet when wild animals follow their instincts, it’s usually their death sentence: Most captive animals who cause injury are killed. There is not one legitimate reason why anyone “needs” to keep a tiger in a backyard pen, an alligator in a kiddie pool, a python in an aquarium or a bear in the basement.

     Like face tattoos, wild animals are procured for the “wow” factor, but the misery the animals endure and the danger to public safety are both incontrovertible reasons for outlawing exotic animals as pets.

Jennifer O’Connor

PETA Foundation, Norfolk, VA

Jim Root For Sheriff Gets Huge Victory

     Although it has been a long battle so far, the Jim Root for Sheriff team gets a huge victory today when Judge Benjamin, the presiding Judge over the Jim Root v. Tony “Chubby” Brown case, issued a ruling on the motions to dismiss filed by Tony “Chubby” Brown and his lawyers. In short, the Jim Root for Sheriff team was successful and all motions to dismiss that were contested were upheld. Judge Benjamin denied the following Tony “Chubby” Brown motions:

     1. The motion to dismiss is denied:

     2. The motion to strike the request for relief as to Hickory Point Township, Precinct 1 is denied;

     3. The motion to strike allegations regarding the “X” ballot is denied;

     4. The motion to strike allegations regarding uninitialed ballots is denied

     5. The motion to make specific allegations more definite and certain is denied I am grateful the merits of this case, combined with Illinois law and case law that apply to this case were successful in the denial of my opponent’s motion to dismiss the verified election contest petition.

     As this case moves forward in the courts, I have no doubts there will be more motions and stall tactics, attempting to deny the true outcome of the election. But rest assured, my team and I will keep fighting until the actual election results are verified and accurate. I would like to thank my wife, my supporters, my campaign committee and our lawyers for all their hard work and dedication thus far and for the work ahead.


Jim Root

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