Letters To The Editor: City’s Leaders Have The Cart Before The Horse

City’s Leaders Have The Cart Before The Horse

Dear Editor:

     The Tuesday, June 25, 2019 front page article of the H&R “Exploring Solutions” seems to me to show our so called “leaders” have the cart before the horse! All the leaders do is meet, discuss, meet some more and get nothing accomplished. The park district spends money on projects that raise the question “Is this necessary, all it will do is raise the citizens of Decatur’s taxes?”

     The community is fortunate to have Howard Buffett and his foundation that have provided so many fine projects for the Decatur community. Did anyone give any thought as to the cost of maintaining these projects? Or are the projects self-sustaining? How are the users going to get to these projects? Surely, our leaders have driven around Decatur; the main streets/roads are in terrible disrepair!

     If an outsider visits Decatur, it will only be one time because traveling over Decatur’s main streets/roads, they won’t come back! Repair the streets/roads before worrying about the neighborhoods. If you doubt what I am suggesting take a drive: East and West Eldorado, U. S. 36 East to Airport Road, U. S. 51 South to Franklin Street, Franklin Street to Water Street, Water Street north to Main Street, Main Street to I72, North Main to South Main, South Main to Elwin. These are just the main arteries. Be careful, you don’t ruin a tire(s) or damage your car!

     The first thing ‘our leaders are going to say: These streets/roads are the responsibility of the state or federal government. Well, get out of your shells and GO to Springfield or Washington! Ask, beg, lie, etc. whatever it takes; put pressure on our representatives, get the money however you can. Or delay these grandeur neighborhood plans until the infrastructure is fixed, use the gas tax money for the main streets/roads.

     Money seems to be available for special projects, but not for something worthwhile that would benefit all taxpayers!

Dennis G. Mahorney, Decatur

Remembering The Old Interurban

Dear Mr. Osborne:

      One more remembrance of the old interurban. My mother attended school in Cerro Gordo through the late 1800s and at that time students were not offered enough credits to graduate. Her only option was to take two more years in Decatur so she could graduate from Stephen Decatur High School.

     The interurban tracks passed through our farm on its way from Decatur to Monticello and beyond. The company was asked if they would make a stop for just one person – between regular stops. They agreed and my mother was able to ride from her house to the tracks in a horse and buggy, then board the interurban.

     The next crossing to the east was called the Diehl Crossing.

Mona Babcock, Forsyth

America Is At The Point Of No Return

Dear Editor:

     It is sad to say, but on the 243rd Anniversary of the birth of this Great Nation, America has (possibly) reached the Point-Of-No-Return. Added the word possibly, because, there is still a glimpse of true active believers left somewhere. And we, of course, know that all things are possible to God the creator of all. But perhaps, like the Prophet Jonah, who wanted the great wicked city of Nineveh destroyed, we are reluctant to inform America of the coming destruction. We know of such destruction because we read the book, the Word of God, the Holy Bible.

     God directed Jonah to go to Nineveh and warn that Idol worshiping city to repent, or He would destroy that city after forty days. Jonah fled from God instead. God finally got his attention by forcing Jonah to live inside a big fish for three days. That terrible experience prompted Jonah to complete his assignment. So he rushed to Nineveh, and he went throughout the city announcing God’s warning. After that, not expecting that sinful city to repent, he went to a high place outside the city to observe the destruction. But the whole city repented and God gave that city 200 more years of life before it was destroyed.

     The Holy Bible contains many other instances where Mankind became so wicked that finally God had to punished such nations, or destroyed them. Including His beloved nation of Israel. America has gone from being a God loving nation from it’s beginning, to a God hating nation in many respects. Many Americans now not only tolerate what God calls abomination, but they publicly support and considers them as rights.

     While America is incurring the wrath of God, because of His love, He is sending warnings in many different ways. But eventually, as prophesied in the Word of God, the day will come when Jesus will start breaking each seal on the Book, and with each seal broken bringing calamity upon Man on Earth, and on God’s universe. Will American repent?

Manuel Ybarra, Jr., Coalgate, OK

Google Has More Information On You Than The Federal Government

Dear Editor:

     In response to the Trib Bits (which is my first stop before Paul Osborne’s column) about the Federal Govt having a hundred pages of information on us, what Google has on you would make the Fed government blush envious. Prepare to be shocked – how about a file on you that is 5GB big. This is about the size of FIVE Encyclopedia Brittanicas! Sign in here to see what they have on you: https://www.google.com/takeout

Rob Branson, Brookhaven GA

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