Letters: Word of Warning For Those Wanting To Be Removed From Fire Protection District

     Just a word of warning for those wishing to get removed from a fire protection district. Different attorneys have different rates for this. I live on Greenlake drive and most of this area was originally in the Mt.Zion fire protection district.

     When We were annexed to the city, we were so glad to have sewer and water that no one thought about we were paying for two fire protection districts. One day a friend who lives in GreenBriar Addition told me about they were all leaving the Mt.Zion protection District because they were paying for both Mt.Zion and Decatur. He had asked his attorney about this and his attorney told him if he did the leg work, the charge would be $35 each.
I checked mine, and I too was paying twice.

      So I checked with my Attorney, Elmer Hawkins, and he said he would do the same. I called my neighbors to see if they were interested and they were tickled to death to pay $35 to shed themselves of of that tax.

However, one neighbor said he would help me, that he had checked with his well known Decatur Lawyer, just a short time previous to our call,. and he was told that it would cost him $1000.My friend said he had 2 lots, so his attorney made him a deal..$750.00 each…We did the leg work and Elmer did the legal work..Not one person representing Mt.Zion showed up for the hearing to take 27 properties off the tax roll. It pays to shop!

Carl Wangrow

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