Decatur Mayor Julie Moore Wolfe Re-elected. Walker, Gregory, Faber Win Three City Council Seats



Editor Paul Osborne

    Decatur Mayor Julie Moore Wolfe won re-election to a full four-year term Tuesday with 4129 votes or 48.59% over David J. Horn with 2980 votes or 35.07% and Jacob Jenkins with 1388 votes or 16.34%.  A big congratulations to Julie — a long time friend and someone who is committed to making Decatur a better place as we continue to move forward.

     In the race for the three city council seats, incumbents Lisa Gregory and Bill Faber won re-election and Rodney Walker captured first place.  Congratulations to the winners.

     Here are the results for city council: Shavon R. Francis 2106 votes or 9.31%, Marty Watkins 3192 votes or 14.11 %, Shelith Hansbro 3455 votes or 15.27%, Lisa Gregory 3683 votes or 16.28 %, Bill Faber 3486 votes or 15.41%, John Phillips Jr. 2387 votes or 10.55 %  and Rodney Walker 4318 votes or 19.08 %.

     • In the Decatur School Board race, incumbent Dan Oakes was re-elected. Newcomers Regan Lewis and Andrew W. Taylor ran first and second. Three seats were open. Here are the results: Dan Oakes 4641votes or 25.16 %, Andrew W Taylor 4937 votes or 26.76 %, Regan Lewis 4958 votes or 26.88 % and  Leara F Evans 3912 votes or 21.21 %

     All the results of the other races involved in Tuesday’s Consolidated Election can be found at

     Congratulations also for Macon County Clerk Josh Tanner for running a very smooth election with results known very soon after the polls closed.

     Congratulations to the winners and to all of the candidates, I much appreciate your commitment and hard work during the campaign. All candidates deserved a much better turnout. There were more public forums and interviews than I can remember in races involving earlier campaigns for office. Only 17.3% of the nearly 50,000 registered voters even bothered to cast ballots for mayor or city council, meaning over 80% looked the other way as less than one in five citizens voted for the winners who have the power to impact property taxes, zoning etc., with their decisions. All of the candidates have my apology for the citizens of Decatur showing such little interest. The turnout was more than “weak”, it was pathetic and certainly not a reflection of the quality of candidates that were involved in this election.

     • FRIDAY was a big day for our family as one of our sons, Col. Craig Osborne, retired after 30 years of active duty serving his country in the U. S. Army. A special retirement ceremony was held at the National Defense Univer-sity, Fort Lesley J. McNair, in Washington, DC. I’ll have some reflections on this very personal story for our family, in my “Viewpoint” on page 3 of the print and online editions. Also, our Congressman, U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis, honored Craig for his service in comments on the U. S. House floor.

     • FLUSHING: We’ve been notified that Decatur Fire Department crews, in collaboration with the Decatur Water Department, will be flushing and flow testing approximately 1200 city fire hydrants during this month. This process will occur Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is necessary to keep the city’s nearly 4500 fire hydrants ready for use. Fire crews will be checking for operational deficiencies, lubricating discharge outlets and recording flow data, which provides essential information for calculating the water available to support fire suppression tactics. Temporary discoloration of water may occur in areas where hydrants are being tested. No safety or health issues are associated with the discolored water, but residents should ensure the water is clear before doing laundry, as clothing could be stained. Residents should not bleach or dry stained clothing, as this will set the stain permanently. Stains may be removed by rewashing the wet clothing with a rust-removing compound. A map of the areas being tested is available on the City of Decatur’s website and the Decatur Fire Department’s Facebook page. The Decatur Fire and Water Departments appreciate the public’s cooperation during this process. Please contact the Decatur Fire Department at 217-424-2811 for more information.

     • DAN’S THE MAN! — Last week, The House Environment and Energy Committee advanced one of the most extreme environmental legislation ever considered in Illinois, according to State Rep. Dan Caulkins (R-Decatur), who is a vigorous opponent of the measure. House Bill 3624 is an attempt to move Illinois to 100 percent re-newable by 2050 and to be carbon free by 2030. “First of all, the parameters spelled out in this legislation are im-possible to achieve,” Caulkins said. “Second, if these goals were achieved, the Illinois economy would be devastated. The idea that ADM and other major employers in our area could power their operations with wind and solar is laughable. “Major operations in the agriculture and manufacturing sectors need consistent and reliable power to operate. If these extreme environmentalist activists get their way – they will completely ruin our local economy.” I certainly agree with Dan’s comments. There’s a lot of silly ideas (that are being taken seriously by some) at the state and federal levels that certainly have negative impact on moving this community ahead.

      • CELEBRATION, YES! A news conference was held in Central Park Monday to announce there will be a Decatur Celebration on Aug. 2-4. A new producer for this Celebration was named (Jarrod Cox) and a “Revitalization Committee” was also announced. Check out more details of the news conference on page 27 of the print and online editions. It appears that a huge effort is being made to make sure that this year’s Decatur Celebration will be held as scheduled.

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