Letters To The Editor About School Board Election

Regan Lewis For Decatur School Board

Dear Editor:

     I write to share my experience with Regan Lewis and to offer my endorsement for her candidacy for school board for Decatur Public School District 61. Ms. Lewis is highly qualified for school board, and we should accept her offer of public service. I met Regan Lewis nearly ten years ago when she came to work with me at a large Decatur law firm. Regan immediately struck me with her tireless work ethic. She inspired me and her other coworkers to work harder alongside of her. It was no surprise that Regan quickly ascended to staff management positions in the law firm, and she excelled as a manager. Time and again, she demonstrated a knack for getting the best out of all her staff, even those members who had struggled under previous leadership.

     Members of Regan’s staff never complained about what she asked them to do, likely because she never asked anyone to do anything she was not willing to do herself. I have seen Regan make difficult decisions involving hiring, discharging, and retaining employees, and she always managed those duties with a positive attitude. Regan and I have both moved on from that law firm to other opportunities, but we have remained friends and colleagues.

     I have had the pleasure of working with Regan on the executive committee of the Decatur Bar Association. Regan has been very generous with her time regarding the bar association, holding every officer position on the board of directors, including president. She continues to be involved to this day, organizing our annual law week and coming up with new ways the bar association can reach out and help the community.

     As Regan’s friend, I have had the opportunity to watch her raise her children with her husband, Quinn. Regan and Quinn recognize the many benefits of a public school education in Decatur, and they are committed to providing their sons the best school experience they can. I have heard from them many times how excited they are that their older son is starting kindergarten at Johns Hill Elementary in August. Regan’s passion and investment in the success of Decatur Public Schools is evident to me. I believe she will raise the bar on the school board, inspiring he colleagues on the board, the administrators, teachers, staff, students, and parents of Decatur Public Schools to all achieve their best.

     In a field of very qualified candidates, Regan stands out as a choice for definitive success. I urge everyone to vote for Regan Lewis for Decatur Public Schools School Board.

Bret Coale, Decatur

Vote For Regan Lewis For School Board

Dear Editor

     April 2, 2019. Election Day. A day when you go to the local poll and are handed a ballot with a whole lot of names. Some voters do their research ahead of time and pick who they deem to be the best candidate for each position. Others vote party lines, some vote gender, while others still lean toward their collective exposure to candidates: television commercials, radio ads, mailers and yard signs. But what about the people behind the names? No, not the image they pay you to see via marketing, but who they are.

     I have insights to one such candidate for Decatur Public School Board: Regan Lewis. Born in Decatur, Regan attended kindergarten at Muffley prior to her family relocating to Peoria. It was a temporary recess, however. By the fall of 2002, she returned to Decatur as a freshman at Millikin University. The consummate Decatur advocate, she exposed many a Chicago classmate to local life beyond the Milli-bubble. Upon graduating in 2006, she moved away to complete her law degree, and once again returned to Decatur for her first position as a licensed attorney. Now a partner at Kehart, Wise, Toth & Lewis, Regan continues her advocacy for Decatur — this time for Decatur Public Schools. She and her husband have two sons; their oldest begins kindergarten in DPS 61 this fall.

     Last year, when the Lewis’ decided to list their west-end home for a more suitable family residence, they did the opposite of many local families: They moved to stay in district. For Regan, Decatur has always been “home.” When you see her name on the ballot, it’s not for attention or advancement. It’s because she’s passionate about Decatur and its offerings and, in return, wants to share her offerings with our public schools.

Jamie Muscato,  Decatur

Response To Last Week’s Letter Regarding School Board Member’s Decision

I agree with Beth Nolan’s decision, Mr. Buttz is confused. It isn’t the purview of the schools to meet all the personal needs of the students. Schools are responsible for educating students. Both parents of the students have the right and duty of raising their children and for meeting their personal needs.

Roger German, Decatur

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