Mac on Sports: Central A&M plays for 3rd at 11 Saturday

J. Thomas McNamara


Peoria–Central A&M fell to Cissna Park, 56-44, this morning (Friday) in the first of two Class 1A semi-final games which was its first loss to a Class 1A team this season.
     Raiders head coach, Rob Smith offered these thoughts his team’s play in their post-game press conference, “We left it all out there, that’s for sure. I don’t expect anything different from these kids. I know it hurts (but) we’re still young, and that’s not an excuse.
     “I thought our pressure got to them in the second half. It’s hard to press when you couldn’t make baskets. We were stagnant on offense in the first half. That really kind of cost us, ultimately.
     “We were standing, so when you stand and you drive, there’s 10 eyes on the ball. So, once we got people moving, cutting, things open up a little better. They’re really good defensively, you have to move the ball from side to side to side to try to get their eyes moving. The first half we didn’t do a very good job of that in the game. I thought that was the difference.
     “When they’re making a ton of 3s and the two 6-7 kids like that, they’re really, really hard to guard,” concluded Smith, whose team enters Saturday morning’s with a 32-4 record.
     I was there and will be Saturday for the Raiders season-concluding game, and will have a complete wrap of their tournament play and their season in a future print edition of the Decatur Tribune.

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