Mac On Sports: Michael Copeland Is Great Example Of How Coaches Have Positive Impact On Athletes


Michael Copeland
..from St. Teresa to rewarding
military career

   Subscribers often have read here about how coaches have long-term effects on the athletes, who play for them. Here’s another proof positive of that as former St. Teresa graduate Michael Copeland described in his hometown Chesapeake, Va. publication that his very proud sister, Renee (Copeland) Saunches, shared with the Decatur Tribune.

     A quick read of her brother’s story confirmed how much high school coaches affect their student-athletes life decisions. This goes back almost 60 years when Copeland excelled in playing football and basketball for the late Joe Venturi. Injuries, though, shortened his promising military athletic career.

          “My high school coach, Joe Venturi, at St. Teresa High School in Decatur, talked about how individuals in the early 50’s would join the military and get pro contracts from the military, instead of going to college…”


Complete story on page 10 today’s (2/20/19) print and online editions of the Decatur Tribune

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