Letters: Reader Has Fond Memories Of The Cinnamon Bear

Memories Of The ‘Cinnamon Bear’

Dear Editor:

     The minute my husband, Jim, finished reading the Tribune, he brought it to me saying, “You could have written this!” Apparently, Mr. Schumaker and I have “twin memories!” My “Cinnamon Bear” tradition, also, began with the WSOY broadcasts. While living in the Pacific Northwest I discovered I could purchase cassette tapes of the show from Marshall Field & Co. in Chicago! Later, as years moved on, I found CD’s of the same show available from Amazon.com!

     Since that time, I’ve even purchased “replacement CD’s” while they were, still, available. We listen each night as Christmas approaches to the continuing adventures of Judy and Jimmy and Paddy O’Cinnamon in search of the Silver Star! While we gave each of our children a CD set to have as well…sadly, the magical story didn’t quite catch on with the same fire and enthusiasm for those growing up in the “Technical Age.” And, like Mr. Schumaker, my Grandfather took me to the 50’s Santa House for the broadcast visit to the North Pole. That night I learned the stinging meaning of the word, “imaginary” because I REALLY BELIEVED, until that time, we would, literally, arrive at The North Pole!

     At such a tender age, “Reality” was a tough pill to swallow! However, thanks to John Schumaker and Paul Osborne for drawing, sending, and printing the delightful picture in the Dec. 5th edition, the “Magic” of “The Cinnamon Bear” was reborn! The drawing captured and unleashed the same “Cinnamon Spirit!” The picture reflected everything I experienced and imagined in a single glance and struck a very resonant chord!

     My Christmas Wish: With Mr. Schumaker’s kind permission, might you reprint the same in future years along with the ‘50’s Santa House to remind us that we’re never too old to grow young???!!! Too bad there couldn’t be a reunion celebrating those glory days of Christmas in Central Park! I could imagine, as in “Field Of Dreams,” that “people will come!”

     Merry Christmas! Thanks for another a-“musing” ride!

     P.S. I’m going to frame Mr. Schumaker’s picture! It’s, simply, too nice to be forgotten!

     Paula Atwood, Springfield, Illinois

Emanuel Pushes For Legal Marijuana And Casino Gambling

Dear Editor:

     Does out-going Mayor Rahm Emanuel really want to add mass addiction to his meager legacy? Why would Emanuel use his political capital to push for legal marijuana and casino gambling as new revenue sources? If that isn’t enough, he and his spendthrift colleagues are pressing to increase gasoline taxes by 20-30 cents per gallon. Where will it end? Instead of cutting government waste, these politicians foolishly think that enslaving citizens is the panacea.

     They must consider the overwhelming evidence from Colorado and Washington: health ramifications; mental health issues; marijuana-related deaths and suicides; impaired-driving fatalities; effects on children and schools; effects on the workplace; and marijuana’s drain on law enforcement and the medical community.

     A city-owned Chicago casino and more drugged drivers on the roads will hurt families and the local economy. Moreover, if legislators want revenue from gambling, they must create lots of losers. The public schools have done a poor job educating students. Now they want to take advantage of these under-educated citizens in casinos where the odds are stacked against them.

     These ill-considered policies would add to homelessness, increased crime, suicide, unemployment, domestic abuse, and drug abuse while creating broken families and new addictions. The enormous costs to society will far outweigh any projected financial benefits.

David E. Smith, Executive Director of Illinois Family Institute

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  1. John Schumaker on January 5, 2019 at 3:00 pm

    Dear Editor,
    Thanks you for printing my story and picture of my memories of the Cinnamon Bear. I was very happy to read all the comments readers sent in about the article and picture. We used a color version of the picture in our Christmas Card this year. If anyone would like a copy of the picture they can email me at Jschumaker47@gmail.com.
    Thanks again for keeping Decatur memories alive.
    John Schumaker, Stafford VA

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