Update On Lake Decatur Water Level And Gate Malfunction

UPDATE: City staff was able to raise the north bascule gate this morning. Since the gate is now working, the level of Lake Decatur will be raised back to around 614.0 feet above mean sea level which is the desired level as dredging continues. The gate will be inspected to determine what, if any, repairs are needed.

EARLIER ARTICLE: Residents will notice that Lake Decatur is significantly lower than normal over the next several days due to problems the city is experiencing with a gate on the Lake Decatur dam. The north bascule gate stopped operating today – while staff members were working on lake level meter calibrations and winter preparations – and water has continued to flow out of the lake at a rapid rate.

Other gates have been adjusted to reduce the amount of water flowing out of the lake but it is expected that the lake level will reach about 610 feet above sea level by tomorrow, or about 4 feet lower than it had been today. The City will have a better idea of necessary repairs tomorrow once water has stopped flowing over the north bascule gate. As per lake protocol, downstream landowners have been notified about the increased river flow as has the Archer Daniels Midland Company which also operates a water treatment facility that uses lake water.

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