Decatur, Area Communities Respond To Need In Taylorville Following Tornado


J. Thomas McNamara

    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Treat other people the way you would like to be treated yourself. This is based on the words of Jesus at his Sermon on the Mount (and known widely as The Golden Rule), variations of the phrase have been a core doctrine of societal ethics throughout modern human history.”
     That certainly is what some city and county school districts did to help victims of the devastating Dec. 1st Taylorville tornado that left families without their homes in many cases and with others sustaining slight and considerable damage.
     MacArthur’s Athletic Director Jason Crutcher advises the school collected both non-perishable food items and cash from fans attending Tuesday night’s Normal University High/Generals game which the home team won, 65-63. Crutcher informed, “We collected $490 last night from the game to give to Taylorville, and also today (Wednesday, Dec. 5) we will be taking down cases of water and food that kids are donating.”
Maroa-Forsyth set up a donation table at the 92nd annual Macon County boys tournament which it hosted for fans to contribute whatever they wished that would go to the Taylorville victims. They also collected non-perishable food items that would head to the food pantry there for distribution to those needing such.
Mount Zion collected $1,114 in monetary donations as of early afternoon Wednesday with more still coming in from the community that the school district medics group organized with the senior and junior high school students doing the heavy lifting in getting the events off the ground. Braves Athletic Director Ben Davis praised the cooperative effort between the district and the community and the fans, who attended the game between the Mahomet-Seymour Bulldogs and the Braves.
     The non-perishable food items they collected, as well as the monetary donations, will be given to the Taylorville Food Pantry to provide relief to those victims, who are in need of the love and help they receive through these troubling times.
     “We may be rivals on the fields and courts, but we’re all neighbors and friends when events like this occur and where we can help our conference (Apollo) neighbors,” said Davis in his conversation with the Decatur Tribune and the giving he described.
     Sangamon Valley’s Athletic Director and boys basketball coach, Josh Myers, informs, ” We’re raising money through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and student council at school lunches. Joe Scanavino will write a check at the end of this week. TC (Tri-City) boys and TCSV (Tri-City/Sangamon Valley) girls are collecting money for the next two weeks at games and at Tri-City then we are giving it to them when we play them Saturday, (Dec. 15). Sangamon Valley boys next home game versus Edinburg, we will collect money and give that to Taylorville as well.”
     Charles Brown, Central A&M principal, responded, “We are collecting donations from the community and students in the offices at both the high school and middle school. Crews from Assumption and Moweaqua have both been on the ground in Taylorville since Saturday night, helping with debris clean-up. Several students went over to help with the clean-up, as we have several community members with family in Taylorville.”
     In addition, Brian Byers and Kevin Breheny were on Brian Byers show Tuesday morning for three hours collecting donations and food items to send to the Taylorville Food Pantry.
     It’s been said that pictures are worth a thousand words and that certainly was the case with the ones I’ve seen of Taylorville head coach Ryan Brown and his team working at the sites to help clean up the debris and other material left on the ground from the tornado. I also find it more than a little ironic that the Taylorville athletic teams are known as the Tornadoes. And they were struck by one Saturday, Dec. 1st.
     Once again, the Decatur and area communities respond to helping out their brothers and sisters in need. No one does it better than the Decatur area.

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