Kara Demirjian Huss Sends Letter To City, Supporters Requesting Her Name Be Placed On Ballot



Editor Paul Osborne


     Kara Demirjian Huss, who last week was not certified to be on the April 2nd ballot for Decatur Mayor because of a failure to turn her Statement of Economic Interest receipt in to the city clerk, is now requesting the city put her name on the ballot anyway.  After finding out she would not be on the ballot, Demirjian Huss withdrew from the race.

     Now, it appears she is back in the race and wants her name on the ballot and is requesting that her supporters to also demand her name be on the ballot.  As pointed out in the previous post, the city clerk did everything according to election law, and even instructed Demirjian Huss (in writing) to return the receipt to complete her filing, but she did not.  I have a copy of the check list document, signed by Demirjian Huss, in which the receipt instruction is on.

     For more information on my questions to the city clerk, check out my previous post.

Following is the email Demirjian Huss sent to her supporters.

Dear Friends,

Thank you! I am grateful to you all —my love for this community and desire to serve is strong. Unfortunately, pressing events caused me to cancel the fundraiser and my appearance in the parade, but after evaluating the information that I have obtained over the past several days my campaign staff and I believe the best course of action for you is to request that my name be placed on the ballot.

We have sent a letter to the City formalizing the situation and that request. Thank you all for your support and the gains you have made on my behalf. I will keep you posted.

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