Tribune Reader Has Memories Of George H. W. Bush


J. Thomas McNamara

 George H.W. Bush’s recent death brought back a flood of memories for avid Decatur Tribune reader and sports fan, John Wells.
     With the Friday night, Nov. 30, passing of our 41st president at the age of 94, Wells recalled how the late      president and his late wife, Barbara, who preceded him in death by about eight months, sent him a Christmas card after John had written the former President about how his uncle, Art, served on the same aircraft carrier in World War II with eventual president George H. W. Bush.
     “My uncle Art told me that he talked with him many times on the aircraft carrier which is the USS San Jacinto. There paths did not cross that much because George was an officer and my uncle was not, so they were not supposed to fraternize with each other,” continued Wells’ note.
     “Several years ago, I wrote to former President George H.W. Bush and mentioned my Uncle Art. I also mentioned a few things about my family and also that I played table tennis and entered into tournaments over the years. President Bush wrote back and talked a little bit about my uncle and was interested in my information about my family and me.
     “At Christmas time that year, we both sent Christmas cards to each other. That was so cool for Barbara and George to send my family a Christmas Card,” concluded John’s note to me about his Uncle Art’s serving with our 41st President, George H.W. Bush, during World War II, and how the late president and his wife exchanged Christmas cards.
     I will have more on this in a future print edition of the Decatur Tribune.

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