Brown Is The Macon County Sheriff’s Race Winner — By One Vote!


Editor Paul Osborne

Thanksgiving came a few days early this year for Tony Brown who was declared the winner of the Macon County Sheriff’s race on Tuesday after a recount which declared him the winner — by one vote!

     Democrat Brown had lost by 99 votes to Republican Jim Root in the General Election but the recount reversed the decision as Brown won by one vote.  Brown had 19,655 to Root’s 19,654 votes.

I can’t remember a major Macon County Office raceever being won by one vote.  Percentage-wise, each candidate had 50% of the vote.

The next time anyone tells you that their vote doesn’t count — remind that person of the 2018 election of the Macon County Sheriff.  That’s one for the history books.

     • Since this is Thanksgiving Day week, I want to wish all of you a Blessed Thanksgiving and express my appreciation for your support for this newspaper over the past year and, for many of you, for the many past decades that you have shown kindness to me and my staff members. If you purchased this copy at one of our newsstands, or subscribe online, you’re reading this column before Thanksgiving Day. If your Tribune is delivered each week to your mailbox by the United States Postal Service, you are reading this column the day after Thanksgiving, or a few more days after that — depending on where you live in the nation. It makes no difference whether you read these Thanksgiving comments before, or after, the holiday — every day is Thanksgiving Day at the Decatur Tribune because I am thankful to God for blessing this newspaper over the past half century — and thankful to you, my staff members, advertisers, printers and postal employees who have blessed our efforts over the years. Thank you so much!

     • CONGRATS to J. Thomas McNamara in starting his 43rd year as the sports editor of this newspaper. It seems like only yesterday when J. Thomas came to my office and talked about writing the “Irish Stew” column for the Trib. It was a single newspaper column that spanned the length of one column (15 1/2 inches long) on the sports page. Well, all of these years later Tom’s column has expanded into pages of area sports articles — this week covering 6 newspaper pages — starting on page 10! Not only do I appreciate Tom’s efforts over the years, I also appreciate that, in 42 years, he has never missed a deadline! Who covered local sports teams in the years before Tom arrived? That was one of many hats as editor that I wore back then. I enjoyed covering the teams, but Tom has done a super great job and I’m thankful that he continues into his 43rd year.

     • SLIPPING AND SLIDING — Last Thursday’s early snowfall was a big surprise to those of us who like to enjoy the Fall season. The roads were a challenge early in the morning, but became slush later in the day and cleared in the afternoon. For those of us who arrive at the office earlier than most people who come downtown, overnight or early morning snow and ice can present quite a challenge. One challenging part of downtown always seems to come for me in the municipal parking garage that is on South Franklin Street, south of the public library building. For those who park on the top level of the two level garage it seems to remain icy and slick for much longer than some of the other parking lots downtown — despite the snow being removed. The City of Decatur put a new surface on the top floor a few years ago and I don’t know if that surface makes a difference in preventing it from drying out as soon as other one-level only parking lots.

     Someone has suggested that the top floor is like a bridge where there is cold air under it and so the top floor doesn’t melt as quickly as ground locations. I’m not an engineer, so I don’t know. What I do know is that, I may start using a surfboard to come out of the garage and shoot across to the other side of Franklin! I don’t know about some of the other people who park there, mostly downtown employees, but I have made some wild moves trying to stay upright on the ice that should qualify me to appear on “Dancing With The Stars”! It really is very dangerous at times — and someone is going to take a really bad fall in trying to walk out of there!

     • AS MENTIONED in this column last week, David Horn was going to officially announce he is a candidate for the mayor’s office — and he did so at a news conference at the civic center on Friday. (Story elsewhere on this site).

     Candidates for mayor and the three city council seats up for election have until next Monday to file their petitions with the city clerk to make it official and get on the ballot. The filing period started this past Monday and, as we go to press, mayoral candidates Mayor Julie Moore Wolfe and Kara Demirjian Huss have filed, along with three city council candidates Marty Watkins, Shavon Francis and Shelith Hansbro.

     When we go to press next week, we will know which candidates for mayor and city council made it official through submitting the necessary paper work. As I’m writing this column, we have five candidates for three city council seats who have announced they are running and four candidates for mayor.

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