Coach Bundy Resigns From LSA Lions


J. Thomas McNamara


     After five seasons coaching the LSA Lions, Craig Bundy resigned Tuesday morning, saying it was time for him to leave.
     “Everything at LSA is as good as it gets,” said he about his experience of coaching the Lions.
     “We built a program from scratch to a perennial playoff team,” enthused the head coach about the young Lions who played for him during his five seasons on the sidelines.
“It’s been the most gratifying job I’ve taken,” continued Bundy in his telephone chat with the Decatur Tribune, shortly after he turned in his resignation to Athletic Director Kurt Younghouse. “All the credit goes to the young men who sacrificed and committed to playing for me. Truly, it’s been gratifying. It’s a credit to the families.”
     While he’s resigning as a head coach, Bundy admitted coaching is in his blood and he will continue coaching somewhere as an assistant, but not as a head coach.
     “It’s getting more stressful all the time,” said Bundy about the responsibilities and duties head coaches handle that the average fan doesn’t realize, citing “they only see us on Friday nights when the lights go on. They don’t see all the preparation and practices we do.”
He’s spoken to a few schools about becoming a member of their staffs, but “I’m not ready to make a decision yet.”



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