Scherer Endorsed By State’s Top Police Organization

  Adding to her list of endorsements, state Rep. Sue Scherer, D-Decatur, has now been awarded the endorsement from the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), an organization dedicated to serving those who keep our communities safe.
“I greatly admire those who chose to become officers of the law, putting their own safety on the line to assure security and stability for their communities,” said Scherer, “I have worked to ensure these valued members of our society are properly equipped and ready for the challenges they have to be ready for during each shift.”
The Illinois Fraternal Order of Police is a worldwide organization dedicated to protecting the dedicated men and women who keep our communities out of harm’s way. Founded in 1915, the FOP is the largest organization of police officers in the United States, with over 35,000 members in Illinois alone. Through advocacy, education, and legislation, FOP assures that their members are trained, informed, and protected.
“The Illinois Fraternal Order of Police is proud to endorse Rep. Scherer for re-election because she is committed to providing law enforcement officers with the resources we need to best protect our communities and ensure local families will be safe,” said Chris Southwood, President of IL FOP State Lodge, “We will continue to work with Rep. Scherer to ensure law enforcement officers have the proper resources to protect the communities we serve.”

Callis Emphasizes Strength of Campaign, Announces Strongest Fundraising Quarter Yet
EDWARDSVILLE — The campaign of former Chief Judge and Congressional challenger Ann Callis today announced it is in a strong position going into the final four weeks of the election due to its successful fundraising and strong grassroots network of support.
  The campaign had its strongest fundraising quarter of the cycle, raising more than $400,000 during the third quarter. As of September 30th, the campaign had more than $545,000 cash on hand. Volunteers across Illinois have responded to Callis’ call for change and have contacted thousands of residents and registered more than 8,300 new voters as of the traditional registration deadline, a strategic key in a district that was decided by 1,002 votes in 2012.
  “Our campaign is building strong grassroots momentum as voters connect with our message of restoring accountability to Washington for members of both parties. We’ve seen record fundraising as individual low-dollar donors and families across Illinois are chipping in and doing what they can, rejecting Congressman Davis’ Washington insider strategy of relying heavily on funds from special interests and corporate donors that directly benefit from his votes," said Callis.
“Let me be clear, this campaign has never been about the national Democratic Party, out-of-state billionaires like the Koch brothers, or Washington pundits. My campaign and vision for public service are not beholden to anybody but the people I’d be elected to serve. As a woman who has spent her career in the judiciary, I’ve been underestimated before, but I am confident and inspired by the many people across our district who are fueling this campaign and leading us to victory on Election Day.” 
  As a native of southwestern Illinois, Callis is the first candidate in this Congressional race to advertise in the St. Louis market and benefits from strong recognition due to her nearly two decades of public service as a judge in Madison County. She was also the first candidate to advertise in the Champaign, Springfield and Decatur markets starting in August.
  The complete fundraising report will be available on the FEC website.

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