County Clerk Outlines Changes for the
2015 Consolidated Election Filings

With the 2014 General Election about 60 days away local election officials and the Macon County Clerk's Office are preparing for the first day to circulate petitions for the 2015 Consolidated Election. The City of Decatur began circulating petitions on August 26th in case they have to have a primary election. Macon County Clerk Steve Bean will have a training session for local election officials and public on Tuesday, September 9th in the Macon County Office Building, 141 S. Main St. on the 5th Floor (County Board Room).
Morning Session will begin at 10:00 a.m.
Afternoon Session will begin at 2:00 p.m.
Evening Session will begin at 7:00 p.m.
The big change for 2015 Consolidated Elections is school board candidates for the districts headquartered in Macon County will file their nomination papers and petitions with the Macon County Clerk's Office rather than with the school districts. Sangamon Valley, Warrensburg-Latham, Argenta-Oreana, Decatur, Maroa-Forsyth, Mt. Zion, and Meridian candidates will all file with the County Clerk's Office, 141 S. Main St., Room 104.
First day of school board candidate will be on December 15 at 8:00 a.m. Last day filing is December 22 at 5:00 p.m.
If more than one candidate files for the same office at 8:00 a.m. on December 15th, a lottery will be held at 4:00 on December 23rd in the Macon County Clerk's Office.
If more than one candidate files for same office between 4:00-5:00 p.m. the last day to file on December 22; a lottery will be held on December 27th at 4:00 in Macon County Clerk's Office.
School Board candidates must collect at least 50 signatures.
Candidates for Park Boards, Library Boards, Village and City Boards, Austin Township Land Commissioners, and Fire Protection Boards will get their petition packets from their local governing body and file their nominating papers and petitions with their local boards December 15-22.
For more information, please call Steve Bean at 424-1306.

Ann Callis

Callis Remains Upbeat In 13th Congressional District
Race Against Rodney Davis

Ann Callis, the Democrat challenging incumbent Rodney Davis (R-Taylorville) in the 13th Congressional District, remains upbeat.
Callis, of Edwardsville, is the former Chief Judge of the Illinois Third Judicial Circuit Court, resigning that position last year in order to run for Congress.
Decatur and Macon County are included in the 13th Congressional District and produce the second highest number of voters in the election.
It is a high-profile race because of the opportunity of the Democrats to take back a seat that has been occupied by Republicans for many years.
During a recent interview at the Decatur Tribune Callis talked about her campaign.

Funding, Nancy Pelosi

When the most recent Federal Election Commission report was filed it showed that Davis had raised twice as much money as Callis to which she replied: “We are comfortable where we are at this point.  We know our messaging is good and we have, and will have, the money to get our message out.” 
A lot has been “written” about Democratic Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi personally asking Callis to run for this office, but Callis said that did not happen.
“I really am the master of my own destiny,” said Callis.  “I made this choice after talking to all members of my family and thought it was the right time.  I will tell you that it has really been an enriching experience and the people that I have been able to meet, and talk with, makes me very excited about what I can do in serving and bettering the communities in the district.” 
Callis said what she really wants people to know about her is,  “I am sincere.  I do keep my word and I reformed the court system in Madison County and I think it is time to bring some reforms to Washington, D.C.”
Callis points, with great pride,  to being involved with the creation of the first Veterans’ Court in Illinois, which is run by veterans and provides services to county veterans.
As far as what’s going on nationally, including what’s happening in President Obama’s administration, Callis indicated that it is difficult to gauge how that is going to impact on the race in the 13th Congressional District -- negatively or positively.
“I think what I emphasize is that I’ve always been very independent and I’ve always focused on the people who elected me to serve them.  That will be my number one priority.  So, what will come out of the national noise that we are going to hear over the next few months before the election, I don’t know how that is going to affect this race.”
When asked if it is a plus to have been a judge before running for Congress, Callis said, “I served 18 years on the bench and I really believe in public service.  I took every case seriously.  I prepared and took to heart every decision that I made because I thought that is what was expected from the people who elected me.”

Davis Is Not Over-Confident

Congressman Davis dropped by the Decatur Tribune office for a short visit last week and indicated that while he is confident in his race for re-election, “I’m not over-confident.” 
Davis said that he will continue to run as hard as he can until election day.
“I’m not taking anything for granted.”
Davis was on his way to speak at the noon Rotary Club meeting.  One advantage an incumbent has in a race like this one, is that he (or she) is invited to speak at a lot of events and places by virtue of the fact he’s already in office.
Davis, even before he was appointed to succeed Tim Johnson on the ballot was busy making connections in Decatur and he continues to work on strengthening those relationships.
Last week, Johnson endorsed Davis in his re-election bid.
The Decatur Tribune will have more on the 13th Congressional District race between now and the November election.


Callis Endorsed by Alliance for Retired Americans
 The Alliance for Retired Americans endorsed former Chief Judge and Congressional challenger Ann Callis Friday at the Decatur Macon County Senior Center. The endorsement comes on the week of the 79th Anniversary of Social Security, with the group hailing Callis for her “leadership on issues such as preserving and protecting Social Security and Medicare from privatization and benefit cuts.”
  “Understanding that Social Security is the key component in addressing the retirement income crisis that we face, Ann Callis is a champion for seniors and has demonstrated that she not only stands with retirees but future retirees too,” said Springfield’s Don Todd, an Alliance for Retired American member who introduced Callis at the senior center.
  The Alliance for Retired Americans is a nationwide organization, founded in May 2001, with now over 4.2 million members, including 240,000 in Illinois and more than 17,600 in the 13th Congressional District.
  Callis has been unwavering in her support for Social Security and has already been endorsed by the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare.
  “I have made it clear from the very start of my campaign that I will protect Social Security and will oppose any efforts to cut the promised benefits that seniors have earned over a lifetime of hard work," said Callis. "I’ll stand strong for our seniors while my opponent would privatize Social Security and jeopardize the secure retirements of so many people in Illinois.”

Scherer Earns AFL-CIO Endorsement

State Representative Sue Scherer (D-Decatur) recently earned the endorsement of the Illinois AFL-CIO, the state’s largest labor organization, in her bid for re-election this November.
“Growing up in a union family, I understand the important role organized labor plays in our society,” said Scherer, “I am humbled by their endorsement, as these hard-working men and women are responsible for a lot of the things we enjoy about our communities.”
The Illinois AFL-CIO represents more than 1.5 million people from union households, including more than 20,000 in the central Illinois-based 96th House District. The state federation is the umbrella organization for nearly 1,500 affiliated labor organizations, providing a unifying voice for economic and social justice for all working families at the State Capitol and across Illinois.
“Since Sue took office, she has been very supportive of our efforts to protect and advance the rights of working men and women in Illinois,” said Michael Carrigan, President of the Illinois AFL-CIO. “The upcoming election is going to be critical to moving Illinois forward, and the working women and men of organized labor are looking forward to supporting all of our endorsed candidates, including state Representative Sue Scherer.”

Linda Little Calls for Pro-Jobs Leadership in Senate

This morning, Linda Little, candidate for the State Senate in the 48th District released the following statement: 
“Thursday, the Illinois Department of Employment Security released new numbers on local unemployment. While the unemployment rate in my hometown of Decatur declined substantially, a close look at the numbers gave me pause.
“In the Decatur area, there are 800 fewer people working today than only one year ago. Hundreds of workers are no longer looking for work. While the economy recovers nationwide, under Governor Quinn, there are fewer people looking for work in Illinois. 
“Statewide, nearly 20,000 have left the workforce in the last year alone. After more than five years in office, Governor Quinn can boast 66,000 people leaving the workforce and zero jobs added. Quinn has failed. 
“Central Illinois deserves leadership in Springfield that will fight to create jobs in Illinois. This means getting spending under control so that those looking to invest in Illinois are not left wondering what tax rate they might be paying a few years down the road. 
“It also means enacting comprehensive workers’ compensation reform so that Illinois can compete with states such as Iowa and Indiana for the manufacturing and industrial jobs that are the backbone of our economy.
“We must also invest in education and jobs training so that our workers have the skills needed in a 21st century economy. And we must make real investments into infrastructure so that manufacturers, farmers, miners, and the high-tech sector can easily and inexpensively get their product to a global market. 
“Finally, we need more Republicans in the General Assembly. Democrats have controlled Illinois Government for the last 12 years. They have proven that are unable to accomplish these critical tasks. It is time for a change in Springfield.” 
Little’s opponent in the 48th District, is incumbent Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill).

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