Ann Callis Deals With Rumors that Question her
Illinois Residency, Says Congressman Davis
is Running a Dirty Campaign

Editor's Note: Following is a news release that has been issued by the Ann Callis campaign.  It is reprinted word for word:

EDWARDSVILLE — Former Chief Judge and Congressional challenger Ann Callis today put to rest the dishonest rumors that question her Illinois residency. Ann Callis’ family retained two independent legal professionals from Illinois and one from Missouri – none of whom have contributed to the Callis campaign – to provide legal opinions that conclusively affirm her residency in Illinois and discredit the allegations that she acted incorrectly by signing mortgage documents that listed a Missouri address.
The facts clearly show the allegations levied by Congressman Rodney Davis' campaign, notably that there was a dishonest pattern of activity and that Judge Callis had signed fraudulent documents, are completely baseless. Similarly, the Davis campaign recently had to retract a radio advertisement after being caught making inaccurate claims, and the Illinois Republican Party previously faced pressure after they were slow to retract disproven claims that Callis had plagiarized sections of her website.
The Callis campaign has copies of the following documents, which are available to media upon request:
  • Signed PDF copies of full letters from legal professionals
  • Deed to the house Callis owns in Troy
  • Callis’ Illinois Drivers License
  • Callis passports issued in Illinois
  • Callis’ voting record and registration sent to her Edwardsville residence
  • News clippings Callis’ son playing football at Triad High School
  • Report cards for Callis’ son’s from Troy’s Triad High School
  • Certificate titles of vehicles owned by the Callis family
  • Statements from Callis’ neighbors
Statements from the legal professionals and the Callis family read below:

Andrew Bequette, attorney at Beckett & Webber, P.C.
I have seen no evidence that Ann Callis has established residency anywhere other than in Illinois.  Owning real estate in other states, maintaining secondary addresses, or providing alternate addresses on forms acknowledges the modern day reality that many Americans do not confine their lives to one state, particularly when living in close proximity to other states as is common along the Illinois-Missouri or Illinois-Indiana borders.  Indeed, the Illinois Supreme Court in Maksym acknowledged the fact that many residents of Illinois spend the winter in Florida, and that members of Congress spend much of their time living in Washington D.C., without being any less a resident of Illinois.  
I am aware that the statement has been made that Judge Callis has somehow violated the Illinois Constitution by an alleged residency in Missouri.  Judge Calls is an Illinois resident and the Illinois Constitution has not been violated as a result of the documents which have been utilized to malign her.  The Illinois Constitution does not bar an office holder from owning real estate in more than one state or having contacts with other states.   The documents which have been raised as a concern as to residency are more reflective of a couple who own real estate and have a mailing address in more than one state than any controlling indicator of legal residency.

Taking into account Judge Callis’ having an Illinois driver’s license and a vehicle registered with the State of Illinois, being registered and voting in Illinois elections, owning real estate and physically residing in Illinois, and holding an office for over fifteen years which required Illinois residency, it is clear that Ann Callis is, and has been, a resident of the State of Illinois, particularly when applying the analysis dictated by the Illinois Supreme Court.

Kevin Williams, attorney at Carmody MacDonald, P.C.
(Document dated September 17, 2014 and addressed to Callis’ husband, Jim Holloran)
Dear Jim:
1) With respect to the mortgage document, I note that this document simply provides a mailing address. This is typical of real estate documents (in fact, see quitclaim deed which provides an office building as the mailing address). As the property at 1364 Forest is one of your mailing addresses, use of this mailing address does not appear out of order.
2) With respect to the quitclaim deed, it appears that this document was mistakenly prepared by the buyer who may not have known the residency of the grantors. In my experience, these scrivener type mistakes are not uncommon and should not negate the effectiveness of the deed. It is also important to note that this instrument is a quitclaim deed. It simply transfers the interest, if any, that a grantor may have. It does not warrant title to anyone.

(Document dated September 19, 2014 and addressed to Callis’ husband, Jim Holloran)
Dear Jim: Per the title records I have reviewed, your wife, Ann, joined in deeds in both 2004 and 2013 regarding the property at 1364 Forest. Even though her name is not on the title, spouses in Missouri can have a “marital interest” in real property. It is common for title companies to require spouses to join in deeds to release the “marital interest” (see V.A.M.S. Section 474.150.2 below). I assume that the title companies working on your 2004 transaction and your 2013 transfer added Ann in order to waive this “marital interest.”
Note: V.A.M.S. 474.150.2 Any conveyance of real estate made by a married person at any time without the joinder or other written express assent of his spouse, made at any time, duly acknowledged, is deemed to be in fraud of the marital rights of his spouse, if the spouse becomes a surviving spouse, unless the contrary is shown.


Clifford Emons, attorney at Emons Law Office.
(Excerpt addressed to Callis’ husband, Jim Holloran)
I am a licensed attorney who has been admitted to practice law in Illinois since 1978. I have also been involved in the real estate title insurance industry since 1979. I am the majority shareholder in a company that issues title insurance located in Alton, Illinois.
Kirkwood, Missouri Property.  It would appear that you acquired the property by purchase in 1994 as a single person. The records indicate that you borrowed money and used the Kirkwood property as collateral for various loans after that time
The fact that only one address is used on the Quit Claim Deed is of no significance. I have prepared and/or reviewed tens of thousands of deeds over the years. I cannot think of a particular instance where I reviewed or prepared a deed that listed more than one address for a married couple. The listing of both you and Ms. Callis as residents of St. Louis County, Missouri is a mistake or an inattention to detail on the part of the preparer of the deed. 
Scottsdale, Arizona Property.  I reviewed the Mortgage and associated loan documentation in regard to this property.
The language contained in the Mortgage is obviously a mailing address. There is no indication in that document or any other document that I reviewed that indicates that Ms. Callis resided in Missouri at the time of the making of the Mortgage
I have spoken to several lending institution loan processors who use the same or similar forms as the Mortgage that was used for the Scottsdale, Arizona property. The loan processors indicate that the software is not designed to show multiple addresses in the portion of the Mortgage where the above language is contained.
One Week Timeshare in Orange County, California.  The documents I reviewed indicate that the timeshare was purchased by you as an unmarried individual in 1999. The property was sold in 2006 by you after your marriage. 
Although the Quit Claim Deed indicates that the two of you were residents of the County of St. Louis, State of Missouri, the Quit Claim Deed was not prepared by you but by the purchasers’ attorney. Further the face of the document indicates that your and Ms. Callis’s address was “101 Market Street, Suite 1650, St. Louis, Missouri 63101" which I understand to be your law office address.
As Ms. Callis did not have an ownership interest at the time of the sale, her signature was required only because the two of you were married. Ms. Callis’ signature would have been necessary in order to convey an insurable and marketable title to the purchasers. 


Statement from Judge Ann Callis
Let me be clear, I have always lived in Illinois. I raised my kids here, I own a house here, and I served my community here for over 18 years. As independent legal professionals have attested to, these documents have been mischaracterized and taken out of context. These documents do not provide any legal conclusion of residency in Missouri. In fact, Missouri law required me to sign documents with my husband, even though I was not living at the address on the forms.
As a judge, I work with the facts, and the facts clearly show I have lived in Illinois. We have provided ample evidence to refute these attacks, including the deed to the house I own in Troy, my Illinois Drivers License, my passport issued in Illinois, certificate titles of vehicles owned by our family, and even my son’s high school report card.
The Davis campaign is content with misleading personal attacks on my family. This attack is meant to distract people from talking about important issues in this election and Congressman Davis’ defense of congressional perks. This falls into a pattern of personal attacks on me by the Davis campaign and his cronies in the Illinois Republican Party. They falsely accused me of plagiarizing content on my website. They even kept their attack on the website for days after it was publicly proven it was false.
At the end of the day, all of these personal attacks do not help the people in our district who are struggling. From today forward I will put this ridiculous attack behind me and focus on how I can help people in the 13th district. Congressman Davis and I have big differences in priorities and I plan on highlighting those differences in the next few weeks.


Statement from Callis’ Son, Elliot
I was raised since infancy by my mom in Troy, Illinois. I, along with my sister, attended Public schools in the Triad School district, where I participated, with my mom's help, in many sports, academic clubs and student government. I have very fond memories of living in Troy, IL, and I look forward to returning to Madison County to see my family as soon as I can.

Statement from Callis Daughter, Caroline
These new attacks on my mom, my brother, and me are completely false, and it’s really shameful that Congressman Davis would try to say our family wasn’t living in Illinois while my mom was a judge. I was proud to grow up in Madison County and I have great memories of cheerleading for Troy’s Triad High School and watching my brother take Triad to the Class 5A playoffs as a starting quarterback. Congressman Davis needs to leave our family alone.

Statement from Callis’ Husband, Jim Holloran
It’s unbelievable the Davis campaign would try to question the legitimacy of my wife’s tenure as a judge by misrepresenting documents we signed as a married couple. Ann has lived in Madison County long before we were married, and it’s obvious Congressman Davis is grasping at straws here. If Congressman Davis had bothered to look at the facts, he would see that I was the primary signer of these documents, which is why I listed my longtime address in Missouri. Ann signed as my wife, but she’s never been a resident of anywhere but Madison County.

Background on timeline

During the time period in which these mortgage documents in question were signed – in 2005 and 2006 – Judge Ann Callis was serving her community in Illinois, presiding over many cases (individual cases available upon request). She also received the support of 73% of Madison County that fall for her retention bid, before becoming Chief Judge. Her son Elliot was a senior and her daughter Caroline was a freshman at Triad High School in Troy. Congressman Davis, however, was working as a political insider, managing a congressional campaign.

County Clerk Outlines Changes for the
2015 Consolidated Election Filings

With the 2014 General Election about 60 days away local election officials and the Macon County Clerk's Office are preparing for the first day to circulate petitions for the 2015 Consolidated Election. The City of Decatur began circulating petitions on August 26th in case they have to have a primary election. Macon County Clerk Steve Bean will have a training session for local election officials and public on Tuesday, September 9th in the Macon County Office Building, 141 S. Main St. on the 5th Floor (County Board Room).
Morning Session will begin at 10:00 a.m.
Afternoon Session will begin at 2:00 p.m.
Evening Session will begin at 7:00 p.m.
The big change for 2015 Consolidated Elections is school board candidates for the districts headquartered in Macon County will file their nomination papers and petitions with the Macon County Clerk's Office rather than with the school districts. Sangamon Valley, Warrensburg-Latham, Argenta-Oreana, Decatur, Maroa-Forsyth, Mt. Zion, and Meridian candidates will all file with the County Clerk's Office, 141 S. Main St., Room 104.
First day of school board candidate will be on December 15 at 8:00 a.m. Last day filing is December 22 at 5:00 p.m.
If more than one candidate files for the same office at 8:00 a.m. on December 15th, a lottery will be held at 4:00 on December 23rd in the Macon County Clerk's Office.
If more than one candidate files for same office between 4:00-5:00 p.m. the last day to file on December 22; a lottery will be held on December 27th at 4:00 in Macon County Clerk's Office.
School Board candidates must collect at least 50 signatures.
Candidates for Park Boards, Library Boards, Village and City Boards, Austin Township Land Commissioners, and Fire Protection Boards will get their petition packets from their local governing body and file their nominating papers and petitions with their local boards December 15-22.
For more information, please call Steve Bean at 424-1306.

Scherer Earns AFL-CIO Endorsement

State Representative Sue Scherer (D-Decatur) recently earned the endorsement of the Illinois AFL-CIO, the state’s largest labor organization, in her bid for re-election this November.
“Growing up in a union family, I understand the important role organized labor plays in our society,” said Scherer, “I am humbled by their endorsement, as these hard-working men and women are responsible for a lot of the things we enjoy about our communities.”
The Illinois AFL-CIO represents more than 1.5 million people from union households, including more than 20,000 in the central Illinois-based 96th House District. The state federation is the umbrella organization for nearly 1,500 affiliated labor organizations, providing a unifying voice for economic and social justice for all working families at the State Capitol and across Illinois.
“Since Sue took office, she has been very supportive of our efforts to protect and advance the rights of working men and women in Illinois,” said Michael Carrigan, President of the Illinois AFL-CIO. “The upcoming election is going to be critical to moving Illinois forward, and the working women and men of organized labor are looking forward to supporting all of our endorsed candidates, including state Representative Sue Scherer.”

Linda Little Calls for Pro-Jobs Leadership in Senate

This morning, Linda Little, candidate for the State Senate in the 48th District released the following statement: 
“Thursday, the Illinois Department of Employment Security released new numbers on local unemployment. While the unemployment rate in my hometown of Decatur declined substantially, a close look at the numbers gave me pause.
“In the Decatur area, there are 800 fewer people working today than only one year ago. Hundreds of workers are no longer looking for work. While the economy recovers nationwide, under Governor Quinn, there are fewer people looking for work in Illinois. 
“Statewide, nearly 20,000 have left the workforce in the last year alone. After more than five years in office, Governor Quinn can boast 66,000 people leaving the workforce and zero jobs added. Quinn has failed. 
“Central Illinois deserves leadership in Springfield that will fight to create jobs in Illinois. This means getting spending under control so that those looking to invest in Illinois are not left wondering what tax rate they might be paying a few years down the road. 
“It also means enacting comprehensive workers’ compensation reform so that Illinois can compete with states such as Iowa and Indiana for the manufacturing and industrial jobs that are the backbone of our economy.
“We must also invest in education and jobs training so that our workers have the skills needed in a 21st century economy. And we must make real investments into infrastructure so that manufacturers, farmers, miners, and the high-tech sector can easily and inexpensively get their product to a global market. 
“Finally, we need more Republicans in the General Assembly. Democrats have controlled Illinois Government for the last 12 years. They have proven that are unable to accomplish these critical tasks. It is time for a change in Springfield.” 
Little’s opponent in the 48th District, is incumbent Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill).

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