Thanks To Governor, IEPA Director For Efforts To Protect Mahomet Aquifer

Dear Editor:
We would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of our elected bodies and the residents of our five communities, to extend our thanks to Governor Patrick J. Quinn and Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Director Lisa Bonnett for their efforts to protect and preserve our region’s most valuable natural resource ... the Mahomet Aquifer.
This Aquifer serves as the principle supply of drinking water for 80 communities and nearly one million people in Central and East Central Illinois. It is for most communities the sole source of water for their residents and businesses. The future viability of this water supply is being threatened currently by the irresponsible dumping of chemical waste at the Clinton Landfill, which is owned and operated by Area Disposal Service Inc., a subsidiary of Peoria Disposal Company. Peoria Disposal Company has also sought a permit to allow the dumping of PCBs at this site.
We hope the Illinois EPA, under the direction of Governor Quinn and Director Bonnett, now recognizes that statutory rules may not have been followed by the landfill operator when it sought approval to deposit chemical waste in this facility. We applaud the decision by the IEPA to send a letter this week to the DeWitt County Board Chair, Sherrie Brown, seeking information as to the Board’s understanding of the landfill operator’s intent when the Board gave its approval to the landfill’s siting application in 2002. The subsequent modification of the original permit by Illinois EPA is the subject of a lawsuit filed by a coalition of local governments, who believe that the modification was improper.
We are confident that Chairwoman Brown’s response will elicit swift and decisive action by Governor Quinn and the IEPA to suspend the authorization to deposit all chemical waste within the Clinton Landfill until the landfill operators have obtained proper approval to do so by DeWitt County and IEPA following the specific siting rules that are established by state law.
Again, we thank Governor Quinn and Director Bonnett for their leadership on this issue and for their resolve to protect and preserve the Mahomet Aquifer.
Respectfully submitted,

Mayor Tari Renner, City of Bloomington 
Mayor Don Gerard, City of Champaign
Mayor Mike McElroy, City of Decatur
Mayor Chris Koos, Town of Normal
Mayor Laurel Prussing, City of Urbana

Why The Silence Of The Learned Men Of Faith?

Dear Editor:
I'm an old, apparently out-of-fashioned patriotic native-born American. I firmly believe the U.S.A. was fathered by very intelligent founders who espoused Judea-Christian principles so tightly they risked their entire beings to embrace them.
I find it stunning in the aftermath of the sacrifices of the Second World War, when F.D.R., Ike, the Congress and every Chaplain invoked Almighty God's blessing for victory and He obliged, we now hear only silence from the people.
As the present federal government and the "news media" assure us the world is "tranquil" in reality it is falling apart. Are all the grisly events of the holocaust to be relived, only on a worse scale? Why the silence of the learned men of faith who could rally the people from the pulpits? There is a chance the people still steer this mighty nation, but their silence will assuredly doom Israel and the free-world along with her. 
Can't we stand for decency, rally the faithful, and stop the evil that is again, or still, enveloping the globe?

Michael E. Vest

Above Letters Posted 7/29/14

* * * *

Some People Do Not Care About City Looking Neat

Dear Editor:
I applaud Kristy Smith of Decatur for writing an article in the July 3 newspaper about yard waste in the streets that get into the storm sewers.
I doubt if anything will change because a few years ago, I wrote a few articles of that nature in the paper and even called the city manager, but it did not seem to help.
Some people do not seem to care about our city looking neat as some also discard their cups, paper, and sacks on the streets and parking lots even when there is a garbage can nearby.
The world has changed and some people have changed also (and not for the better). Too lazy, I would guess or not taught properly.

Nancy Wade

Will Justice Be Held Hostage In Bergdahl Case?

Dear Editor:
Will justice in the Bergdahl case be held hostage by lack of political fortitude?
In Rome it was understood that you didn't meddle with one of its citizens with impunity. In the Bible when Paul appealed to Caesar everyone respected his request because of his status and the power of the Roman State. It has not been that long since Americans enjoyed the same respect at home or abroad.
Because of pusillanimous politicians and lack of determination of the present administration to bodily and swiftly defend America, its citizens, and our allies-all Americans have been put at risk. One example is the marine being held hostage in Mexico. Terrorists only respect firm and resolute policies. Once again, the first duty of government is the safety and security of the American people and its soil.
In the Bergdahl Case it is known that he was never held by the Taliban but a criminal network that prefers cash or commodities of value. This begs the question, why were captured war criminals from Guantanamo traded? Did any cash  payments of taxpayer dollars get included in the ransom? If so, who was it paid to and what was the amount?
Justice must be served for Bergdahl and the American people who deserve to know if they are paying for terrorist networks. Please call your senators and congressman and ask for an Article 32 investigation convened by a senior U.S. Army General in Bergdahl's chain of command which will bring people under oath so truth can prevail.

Sherry Procarione

It’s Time To Retire Sen. Durbin From Politics

Dear Editor,
  If you don't know George Soros, I will introduce you.
He's a billionaire from Hungary; formed many radical groups that he calls " The Shadow Party". 
He works quietly. His goal: Destroy America!
One of his groups is called "Open Society", a group for radicals, Progressive Americans, which resonates with the Democrat Party, including Dick Durbin of Illinois.   Other groups involved are: SEIU Unions, AFT, NEA Educational Unions, Progressive Billionaires, Planned Parenthood and Progressive Insurance which shows the woman named "Flo" and the most notorious -ACORN.
Also was another Chicago group: The Weathermen: Bill Ayers and wife, Chicago friends of Obama, who blew up buildings, cars and people and Saul Alinsky, Socialist, who was a special friend to Obama and Hillary.
Soros began to back Hillary for President and called Hillarycare "Death in America". This eventually became Obamacare when he dumped Hillary and picked Obama for President. Obama had the same mind-set for "Fundamentally Changing America" as did Soros. It became Obama's slogan.
Soros, financially, supports the radical portion of the  Democrat Party: a party, which resonates with his beliefs.
  The "Shadow Party" is a Socialist Movement which is at war with the Constitution. Forty-three, including Dick Durbin, of Illinois voted to rid the Constitution of the 1st Amendment: Freedom of Speech and Religion and the 2nd Amendment: Right to Bear Arms.
If the Constitution is gone, what Law would America follow? 
I will suggest it would be Shariah Law, an Islamic Law, led by the United Nations.
Unfortunalely and sadly, the U.S. Senator Dick Durbin is following Soros' extreme radicals instead of listening to the people.
It is time that, we the people, retire Durbin from politics at the ballot box in November, 2014.   His radical power is not beneficial for Illinois and America.
June Innis

* * *

Letters Above Posted 7/15/14

Dream Vacation Or Nightmare Road Trip?

Dear Editor:
Road trip car trouble can be a real nightmare, but performing a pre-trip car check helps drivers avoid a vacation breakdown disaster. A 10-minute driveway inspection gives motorists peace of mind by reducing the chance of unplanned, costly car trouble and providing an opportunity to have any repairs performed by a trusted technician before hitting the road.
• Check the tires including tire pressure and tread. Underinflated tires reduce a vehicle’s fuel economy and uneven wear indicates a need for wheel alignment. Tires should also be checked for bulges and bald spots.
• Check the hoses and belts as they can become cracked, brittle, frayed, loose or show signs of excessive wear. These are critical to the proper functioning of the electrical system, air conditioning, power steering and the cooling system.
• Check filters and fluids including engine oil, power steering and brake, and transmission, as well as windshield washer solvent and antifreeze/coolant.
• Check the wipers and lighting so that you can see and be seen. Check that all interior and exterior lighting is working properly and inspect and replace worn wiper blades so you can see clearly when driving during precipitation.
•  Check the brakes and battery to be sure the battery connection is clean, tight and corrosion-free and that the brakes are functioning properly.
The Car Care Council also recommends that motorists restock their emergency kit, consider a pre-trip tune-up to help the engine deliver the best balance of power and fuel economy, and order a free copy of the Car Care Council’s popular Car Care Guide for the glove box at www.carcare.org/car-care-guide.

Rich White
Car Care Council
Bethesda, MD

Letter Above Posted 7/8/14

Children Should Be Influenced To Read On  A Variety Of Subjects At A Young Age

Dear Editor:
There was a letter to the editor in another newspaper that intrigued me a little. It brought out the fact that teachers are taking most of the blame for the poor scores on tests given to students in reading comprehension and in the sciences and math. 
These topics (sciences and math were in another paper) but comprehension in any topic is very important I personally believe.
This comes down to the gist of the matter. I believe that students should be influenced to read at four to five years of age on a variety of subjects and also should be started younger than that if at all possible. 
Also, the teachers should not be receiving all the blame, the parents should be taking their part in it too. I wrote a letter about a few months ago about how youngsters when they are very young should be taught to have a love for books and a love for school and the library.
It wouldn't hurt some students and parents to spend more time on reading, and for the students to attend school an hour longer at least per day. (My opinion).

David R. Baker

Obama to Borrow Constitutional Power? 

Dear Editor:
U.S. Senator Dick Durbin was recently on C-Span3 saying if the House doesn’t act soon on immigration reform, Obama will borrow constitutional power and act. I have studied the constitution and cannot find where the president is granted any authority to “borrow” constitutional power. 
Senator Durbin, just where can I lay my finger upon the article, section and clause in the constitution that grants a borrow power to the president?  
Senator Durbin deceives us; the Constitution doesn't allow for Obama to "borrow" constitutional power as Durbin suggests. The President lawlessly grabs, overreaches, and usurps power. He can't borrow power like it’s an ink pen. Durbin and Obama act like there isn’t a current immigration policy; one has been in place since Obama took office. 
Only congress has the power to enact immigration and naturalization laws. Congress makes laws, the president swears an oath to see to it the laws are upheld and enforced. The reality is Obama and the democrats are trying to force the house to pass an amnesty bill by deceiving the public;  by calling it immigration reform. 
Durbin speaks about solving the problem of immigration. Really? Well the problem is the democrats refuse to enact bills that will secure the border and stop the invasion of illegal aliens. Unlawful entry into the U.S. by illegal aliens is not immigration; they violate our immigration laws. 
Obama’s border security is like bass fishing; catch and release, no deporting or if they do deport, Obama allows the illegal aliens to just waltz back across our border in defiance of our immigration laws. 
The democrats are desperate to get an amnesty bill enacted to fix the mess they created; if Obama "borrows" constitutional power, he should be impeached and Durbin censured.

Roger German

Thank You

Thank you for all the beautiful cards for our 60th wedding anniversary.
God bless all for your kindness.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Swallow

* * * *

Above letters posted 7/1/14

PETA Mourns Passing Of American Top 40  Host Casey Kasem

Dear Editor,
PETA joins in mourning the passing of American Top 40 host Casey Kasem, who used his distinctive voice to support many social, political, and humanitarian causes, including animal protection.
A longtime vegetarian, Kasem served for years as the co-chair of the Great American Meatout and once refused, on principle, to lend his voice as "Shaggy" to a Scooby Doo–themed Burger King commercial. "Whenever I do interviews on radio and television, I speak out on the importance of becoming a vegetarian—for nutritional, ethical, and ecological reasons," he once said.
Kasem knew how tough show business could be, which is why he thought animals should be left out of it. He once flew, at his own expense, to Las Vegas for a news conference in support of PETA's First Amendment right to expose the vicious backstage beatings that entertainer Bobby Berosini administered nightly to the orangutans in his casino act. It took two decades of legal battles, but PETA prevailed and all the orangutans were ultimately sent to a sanctuary. 
Kasem took his own advice by always "reaching for the stars"—and he reached a lot of people in the process.

Ingrid E. Newkirk
People for the 
Ethical Treatment of Animals
Washington, DC

Enjoyed Tribune Article About Sky King

Dear Editor:
It’s always nice to see an article about one of my childhood heroes, and the current one about “Sky King” is no exception.  
I was a faithful watcher of that show when I was young and between that, “The Lone Ranger”, “Lassie” (especially the earlier version with Tommy Rettig) and “The Roy Rogers Show”.
I always tried to be in front of the television when it was on.  I was one of the lucky ones that saw Kirby Grant and Gloria Winters when they flew in to land at the airport (and there was a BIG crowd on hand) and also actually got to shake Kirby Grant’s hand when he was at the Armory greeting the crowd of well-wishers.  
I thought I’d died and gone to heaven!
     They never announced the show saying “Out of the CLEAR blue” though; it was simply “Out of the blue of the western sky comes---- “SKY KING”!  
That’s how I remembered it and verified that by watching one of the mid-fifties episodes and it was as I recalled.
I can watch any of the above mentioned T.V. shows to this day and I still like them all!

Chris Barnett

* * *

Above letters posted 6/24/14

Nation Needs To Turn Back To God  

Dear Editor:
Our country is in bad shape.  Everything in our culture is “out of wack” and we now stand amazed wondering why.  Let’s see:  We welcome tens of thousands of illegal people into this country each year, draining our national resources, but then for the last few decades we’ve been telling God to pack His bags, He isn’t welcome here.   God tried to warn us many times that “doing it on our own” wasn’t a wise decision, but we knew better.  
So, here we are.  Everything in our country is out of control from commodities, food, gasoline, health insurance and taxes.  
Our government is micromanaging the citizens to death and has taken control of every aspect of our lives.  The frequency and severity of storms, with their terrible destruction, are at an all time high. Our cities are being overrun with gangsters and killers on our streets, instead of being in jail, and illegal drugs are destroying thousands of young people’s lives each day.   Businesses are being forced to close or relocate out of the country because of onerous governmental controls, therefore putting thousands of people out of work.  Factories are closing, prices are sky high and wages are stagnant.  And we stand amazed?  
Why can’t we understand that God is slowly removing His hedge of protection from this country and without His help this will never end?  
What we need to do is to turn back to God, tell Him we’re sorry and He was right; our way didn’t, hasn’t and won’t work and we desperately need Him at the helm again.  
Hopefully, He will have mercy on us and return to give us the assistance and protection only He can give.

Steve McGuire

Honor Those Who Gave Their Lives By
Preserving What They Fought For

Dear Editor:
Concealing open carry law and where did all the 2x4's go?
One of the marks of a great society are weights and measures that are just and constant, and rule of law such as the Hammurabic Code written in stone that enabled the people to know the law, trust their government, bring consistency, and stability to the land. In America we have the Constitution with equal justice for all under the law unless you're in Congress, the President, or the U.S. Attorney General…uh hem, well you get my point.
Concerning the gun laws in Illinois, for those who want to familiarize themselves with what that law is, all sworn Constitutional officers please note;
A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of a people to keep and bare arms, SHALL NOT be infringed.
U.S. Constitution, Amendment II
For those who don't know what the words "shall not" mean check the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20:3-17 or your legal dictionary. Most people will recognize the phrase "written in stone". Of note, even God only had two tablets. No amount of rules, restrictions, or registries will solve the mess we have in Illinois concerning firearms, until we consider the rule of law (second amendment) worth following and enforcing. Maybe our modern society doesn't realize the important of having law, that doesn't change with each passing political wind, as did the ancient pagan Babylonians from the era of the Hammurabic Code in the 1700's B.C. or the 1700's A.D. when the founders wrote the Constitution.
On this 70th anniversary of D-Day let's honor those who gave their lives and service by preserving what they fought for. Thank you veterans.

Sherry Procarione

Enjoyed Article About Western Heroes

Dear Paul: 
Today I received my May 28 issue.
I really enjoyed the article about our western heroes! I remember seeing Roy Rogers and if I recall correctly, Gene Autry at the Alhambra Theatre on Water Street. 
I was at the time a card carrying member of the Roy Rogers Club. That was in the early 50s. 
I have hanging on my den wall an autographed picture of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. It is one of my most prized possessions. 
Keep on making good memories for all your readers. Thanks.

Jerry L. Lambert, Esq. 

Frustrated With The City Of Decatur

Dear Editor:
I am frustrated with the City of Decatur. My neighbor was cited for a weed violation but was not sent a notification, only a notice of the fine to be paid. There was also no instructions to pay the fine except appearing at a hearing, which costs an additional $140. The citation was written the day before the yard was cut but no notice was sent till 8 days later.
When I called City Legal, I was informed that vacated property does not need notification of the violation, just the fine.
The property is considered vacated because my neighbor is in a nursing home with dementia. I was told I could not represent her at the hearing. She had to appear in person (with dementia) or be represented by an attorney (more money from her support). 
The city attorney was informed the yard had been cut the day after the date of the citation and 8 days before notification was received. That afternoon a crew of 3 city employees showed up to mow the yard which had just been cut for the second time. They left after calling back in on their radio to report there was no tall grass on the property.
Sounds like a kangaroo court where the city is prosecutor, judge and jury with the rules stacked against those without money to hire an attorney.  They're not working with people to clean up the neighborhood, just collecting fines for the city for the city coffers.

Glenn Portwood

Posted 6/10/14

* * * *
‘Honorable Mentions’ To Some Deserving People
At MacArthur High School

Dear Editor:
Bravo! MacArthur High School. 
What a whirlwind this year has been. When my son, Joe (you may have known him as the "trench coat kid" in the beginning because he wore quite a collection of overcoats given to him by a family friend, Mr. Robert Sleeper) started his senior year at MacArthur little did we know what a challenging adventure and learning experience we would complete.
I write this because I believe some "honorable mentions" are due to some very deserving people. 
Dr. Key, every time I was at the school you were seldom in your office. Instead you were in the rooms and hallways, directing traffic, smiling, being a guiding, positive presence. 
Mr. Settles, your "tough love" approach and caring attitude was impressive and truly helped, believe it or not. 
Mrs. Bruce, we wouldn't have made it through without you and I mean that. 
Mrs. Dudley and Mrs. White, you two ran the main office and the community office in two different buildings with splendid, helpful professionals. 
Ms. Gadomski, you really came through for Joe and I. Your time, patience and support will not be forgotten. 
Mrs. Bradford, your assistance was invaluable. Kudos to the four teachers Joe had this year, Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Owens, Mr. Bradshaw and Mr. McCoy, his grades did not truly reflect all that he learned this year from you, once again, believe it or not. 
To all Joe's teachers over the years, the same holds true. To all of the faculty and staff mentioned above, Joe and I say, thank you, we appreciate you and "BRAVO" take a bow! You deserve so much more.
And to all the new friends we made in the Class of 2014 and other students who have been in our home, inside and out, and shared and made memories with us, good luck and God bless you all.
In closing, I'd like to offer a word to the wise and all students who will enter the Heartland Technical Academy: be sure to read and heed the rules and regulations given you at the beginning of each semester. Pay close attention to the information given on "tardiness”.  It can be crucial. 
Mr. Gotts, Mr. Snearly and Mr. Frost, you were all such a positive and influential force in Joe's world. Bravo to you also.
Thanks MAC for the memories. Do take care and appreciate that new school building.

Mrs. C.D. Stettner (and Joe)

Troubled That Men, Women And Children 
Are Living Without Shelter In Decatur Area

Dear Editor:
We want to personally discuss the homeless community in the Decatur area. 
We are deeply troubled by the knowledge that men, women and children are living without shelter. Not only do they not have a warm dry place to sleep but many are hungry and many have their children with them. As we all can agree, this last winter was a very hard one and especially hard on these folks. 
By the last report that we were given, there are about 255+ individuals without a roof over their heads. Our current economy has hit these people hard with programs and funding being cut.
Our solution to this problem: We have 255+ homeless men, women and children and we have 255 churches that are warm and dry with kitchens and transportation in the Decatur area. There are several wonderful programs available for these people at this time but the numbers of homeless are growing and the funding is shrinking, so we must step up. 
If each church would offer to open their doors a few times a month in the cold winter and hot summer offering overnight events with a few meals for them with no strings attached, they all could be fed and stay warm/cool. 
What a wonderful outreach and ministry we would have. WWJD? We believe He would feed and shelter these folks.
The reality is that we are surrounded with poverty. We are only a truly rich community if we pay attention to those in the most need. So let's stop talking and do something Decatur area churches. Let's do God's work!

Lee Taylor
Joyce Keller

Gun Control Does Not Deal With The Real Problem

To the Editor:
Gun control apparently is to be one of the subject for debate in the upcoming elections. The measures that I am aware of appear to be versions of laws that have been enacted in parts of our nation over the past 40 years, then abandoned, mostly because they were worthless as crime control. 
Over that same 40 years, gun control has been worth billions of dollars in political campaign funds, court cases, lawyers fees, television news, and probably others.
The real problem, however, is that there have been no official efforts, that I am aware, to discover the flaw in our society that produces so many citizens without any moral or ethical scruples. Many of our citizens must have illegal drugs to function.  
Our nation’s police officers risk their lives patrolling gang turf to combat drugs and other violent conditions. I think it is past time to try to correct our problems instead of more gun control, which history shows does not work.

Eldon K. Clements

Still No Cure Found For Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Dear Editor:
75 years ago this July 4th, the Iron Horse of baseball, Lou Gehrig, one of the greatest to play the game, delivered a tearful farewell speech to the game at Yankee Stadium. Within 2 years, he was dead at age 37 from the cruel disease that now bears his name: amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). 
Yet, since that day, no cure has been found and 375,000 Americans have died from ALS in the interim. ALS is a neurodegenerative, fatal disease that affects the nerve cells that control muscles. As the disease causes these cells to deteriorate, the brain loses the ability to start and control voluntary muscle movement. That is why victims often lose the ability to speak. The disease slowly paralyzes its victims, eventually taking away the ability to breathe. Life expectancy is usually 2-5 years after diagnosis. However, there is hope. 
Non-profit organizations, such as the ALS Association, fund global research and provide assistance to ALS victims through a nationwide network of chapters, coordinating multidisciplinary care through certified clinical care centers, and fostering government partnerships. 
Their actions build hope and enhance the quality of life, while aggressively searching for new treatments and a cure. 
Every year the ALS Association raises funds primarily from walks called Walk to Defeat ALS. The next local walk in central Illinois will be held on June 7th at Southwind Park in Springfield. 
You can learn more about ALS and this walk by going to http://web.alsa.org/site/PageServer?pagename=WLK_landing. There you can donate, become a walker or join an existing walk team, such as a local team called Jane’s Angels.  Every dollar helps, and your tax-deductible donation can truly make a difference in the fight against this terrible disease.   Hopefully, someday, we’ll be able to name a cure after Lou Gehrig instead of a disease.

Mark Calmes

The Armory Was Used As Training Center For
Decatur Schools Military Training Corps

Dear Editor:
In regard to your “Armory” article and uses of the Armory, I remember that the Armory was used in 1944 and 1945 as the training center for the Decatur Schools Military Training Corps to which I belonged for a few months. 
The group was not an ROTC and was intended to give potential military personnel a jump start into basic training. It was lead by former military personnel.
Also, I attended a circus performance in the Armory in the 1950's sponsored by the Shriners.
In the “Reds” picture of the late 1930's, although there is no way to verify it, I believe the tall lanky basketball player farthest to the left in the picture is my deceased brother-in-law Joseph C. Markwitz who is now buried in Arlington National Cemetery.
How long do you think it will be before the Armory is torn down to make way for a parking lot or a bank?

Don Hildebrand
New Braunfels,Texas
Thanks To Rep. Scherer For Budget Vote

Dear Editor:
As a long time educator, I would like to personally thank state Representative Sue Scherer for supporting a budget that would prevent devastating cuts to schools, drastically harming our children's education. 
The plan she supported provides for additional needed funding in general state aid and early childhood education, which any teacher will tell you is critical to a child's development. Together, this funding will go directly to helping teachers and school districts provide students with the tools they need to succeed.
Everywhere you look, you see school districts that are desperate for financial relief. Instead of handing down countless new unfunded mandates, lawmakers should follow Representative Scherer's lead by doing the responsible thing and preventing massive cuts that harm our students and result in larger class sizes, fewer programs and teacher layoffs. While budget decisions are never easy, and it is always easy to point fingers and complain if you don't get your way, I am glad Sue recognizes that investing in our students and teachers should always be a top priority.

Carol Barr

IRHA Urges Lawmakers To Make Responsible Choice &
Maintain State Income Tax

Dear Editor:
In a perfect world, every elected official would love to lower taxes and still provide critical public services however the reality is the math just does not add up.  The Illinois Rural Health Association relies greatly on state funded programs to support medically underserved populations across the state.   
If the current state income tax is not maintained at its current level, the health care services provided at hospitals, Rural Health Clinics and public health departments will suffer greatly and impact thousands of Illinois residents who currently depend on them.  
In the mental health community, core psychiatric services and crisis services would be eliminated.  
Unfortunately, if an individual does not get the proper medical care in the early stages of an illness or be able to stay on their medication, the illness is not eliminated, it worsens and becomes more expensive to treat in the long run and makes people who could be leading productive lives unproductive, not to mention the human pain and suffering.  
The Illinois Rural Health Association urges the members of the General Assembly to make what may not be the most popular choice but the most practical and responsible one, by voting to maintain the current state income tax rate. 

Margaret Vaughn, Executive Director
Illinois Rural Health Association

Hillary Clinton Is Undeserving Candidate

Dear Editor: 
Hillary Clinton claims she is unfairly under attack from the GOP and called on her friends at the liberal main stream media to help.  
Ambassador Stevens begged for help for four days before he was tortured and murdered; Hillary ignored his pleas. Even after the fatal attacks began in Benghazi on the four Americans, Hillary ignored them. 
Why? Because she was covering up illegal and Imperialistic American gun running in Benghazi.  But let Hillary be held accountable by the GOP and she hollers for and gets help from the liberal media who discredits and ignores those stories that have the potential to harm her bid for the White House. It's pathetic! 
Hillary is being held accountable for the cover-up, so now she and the liberal media see a vast right-wing conspiracy.  Remember the first vast right-wing conspiracy where she claimed Monica Lewinsky's accusations were lies and the work of a vast right-wing conspiracy?  Remember how her books show she knew the truth all along? 
Need more proof of Hilliary's history of lying?  Her unethical behavior goes back further than many know. Jerry Zeifman, a Democrat, supervised the work of Hillary Rodham on the House Judiciary committee's Watergate investigation. When the investigation was over, Zeifman fired Hillary from the committee staff and refused to give her a letter of recommendation; one of only three people who earned that dubious distinction in Zeifman’s 17-year career.  
Why? Because she was a liar, Zeifman said. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.  For Hillary, the end justifies the means. It appears nothing is unethical if it achieves her goal. 
In my opinion, morality and integrity don’t reside in her. Patricia Smith, the mother of one of the Benghazi murder victims summed it up best when she said; I do not want Hillary to be president. 

Roger German

Thanks To Rep. Scherer For Keeping Her Commitment

Dear Editor:
Among the calls of many to slash funding for the critical state services and programs that local residents depend on, our thanks go to state Rep. Sue Scherer for keeping her commitment to fighting for the people of Illinois and their priorities.
This week, Rep. Scherer supported budget measures that provide additional needed funding for our schools, mental health providers, home care for seniors and child care while rejecting destructive cuts to critical health care programs, including breast and cervical cancer screenings and health care for veterans. She took action to avoid economic disaster and mass layoffs by ensuring that state agencies are not subject to vicious budget cuts and she voted to fully fund the pensions of state workers, teachers and retirees.
We count on our elected officials to not only protect our priorities, but to protect the people who keep the state's programs and services running. That's why we're also counting on Rep. Scherer to make sure that nearly 25,000 hard-working employees across Illinois will receive the back pay negotiated as part of their contracts.
Budgeting for a state of 12 million residents is difficult and requires tough decisions, but decimating the programs and services that our children and families, seniors, veterans and the developmentally disabled depend on will only bring further harm. We commend state Rep. Sue Scherer for doing the right thing for the people of Central Illinois.

Henry Bayer
AFSCME Council 31 
Executive Director

Do Something Similar To FDR’s CCC Camps

Dear Editor,
It seems to me that by incarcerating people, all we do is make them worse.  
I am of the old school.  I remember when there were no jobs. FDR started CCC camps.  A lot was accomplished, parks were established and the unemployed received food and shelter and, I believe, a small amount of wages.   How about trying something similar?  Possibly, putting people to work farming--anything productive.  This might create the joy of doing a job well.  At least, it would offer an opportunity and might save the taxpayers some money.This would work for only people who were not a threat to society.

Glean Price

Steps To Take When Things Go Wrong In Medical Care

Dear Editor:
Medical Care: When Things Go Wrong.
Steps to take - How to proceed is a difficult and delicate task. Here are some logical steps to consider: 
1. Ask the caregivers non-judgmental questions about what happened. Talk to nurses or others familiar with the care given.
2. Ask the hospital to investigate. The person is usually called the risk-manager.
3. Ask for an investigation by a health-care quality agency - a. state or county medical society; b. The Joint Commission on Accreditation www.jointcommission.org. c. Medicare Improvement Organization (QIO) www.qualitynet.org.
4. Hire a lawyer - but not just any lawyer.

William C. Faber, Jr.

Letters Above Posted 5/27/14

Memories Of ‘Abe’ And The Decatur Commodores

Dear Editor:
Today I enjoyed reading Chris Barnett's article about Donald "Abe" Turney. That article along with your recent photo of Fans Field showing the Press Box brought back fond memories. I was the public address announcer during the 1963 Decatur Commodores' season and "Abe" cheered for the team every game from his seat behind the dugout.
  Between games of a doubleheader, I invited Abe to come to the Press Box and watch the second game. He made his way up the rickety stairs and liked the view. 
However, during the first inning of the second game, the Commodores quickly committed two errors. Abe turned to me and said "I have to get back downstairs because the boys miss me cheering for them". 
Fans will recall his special cheer which took all the wind he had and left him with a red face. If I remember correctly it was "1, 2, 3, 4; 4,3,2,1 Decatur Commodore Giants Go, Go, Go, Fight, Fight, Fight, Win, Win, Win." 
After the game, Abe would stand outside the locker room and congratulate his team--win or lose. Two of Abe's favorites--Ollie Brown and Tito Fuentes went on to star with the San Francisco Giants.
  That was a fun summer, having been hired by my former Coach J. Harold "Dutch" Henry who was the General Manager. It was there I also met Bob Fallstrom and later became one of his Decatur Herald sports writers.
  Thanks for continuing to print articles and photos of Decatur's important history.

 Frank Elston
San Antonio, TX

Thanks To The Caring Decatur Community
For Success Of Food Drive

Dear Editor:
Many, many thanks to the Letter Carriers and SCORES of volunteers who made the recent Letter Carrier Food Drive a wonderful success.  
It is truly rewarding for the Decatur Community to see the letter carriers give of their time, energy and effort for this event.  
In 2013 the Decatur Community gave a total of 68,000 pounds of food.  This year the community gave 85,968 pounds of food to this special food drive. 
None of this would have been possible without the wonderful giving spirit of this community.
That spirit is conveyed by sharing a story from that day.  I was asked to go to an address that had “a porch full of food”. 
When I arrived at the house, there was a porch full of food.  It took me about twenty minutes to load all of the food into the bed of my truck and when finished the truck was full. A caregiver came to the door and told me that all of the food was being given by a 101 year old lady who lives there.  I asked if I could express our thanks to her and was invited into the house.  The elderly lady shared with me, “I wanted to do this because I truly care about this community and the people who live here”.
This community is very blessed to have so many caring people like the 101 year old lady who generously donated food, the letter carriers, and the volunteers who organized the drive who collected the food.  Many, many thanks to all.

Jerry Pelz
Director of The Northeast 
Community Fund

Enjoyed Tribute To Don ‘Abe’ Turney

Dear Editor:
I really enjoyed Chris Barnett’s tribute to Abe.  
Having gone to St. Teresa I didn't see him at our games but remember seeing him around town. 
I was, though, privileged to be on the nursing staff that saw Mr. Turney though his last days on this earth.  
I always thought there was something “special” about him and being able to care for him his last few months proved that to me. 
God bless him and Chris Barnett for being so kind to him.

Susie Flynn

Above letters posted 5/20/14

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