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Democrat Seeks To Disenfranchise 
Republican Voters

Dear Editor:
State Rep. Edward Acevedo (D) appears to be electioneering and using state funds against poll leading Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump. 
In my opinion, by Acevedo’s introduction of HR 0761, which “Calls upon the Republican Party to publicly denounce Donald Trump for his disgraceful behavior and to distance itself from him in the future“, Acevedo has committed electioneering using public funds and property in an attempt to alter the outcome of the upcoming presidential election in direct violation of the Illinois constitution and is attempting to infringe on Trump’s protected right to freedom of speech and association. 
Article VIII, Section 1(a) of the Illinois Constitution states that public funds and property of this state shall be used only for public purpose. Proposing HR 0761 violates that article by using public time to research, write, use of public property and by the resolution’s introduction. In plain English, Acevedo unlawfully used tax dollars for selfish and personal reasons. 
The “State Officials and Employees Ethics Act” also prohibits this kind of political activity, as stated in section 5-15. Rep Acevedo is unlawfully attempting to disenfranchise republican voters. Using legislative resources to affect election outcome is a violation of law. Rep. Acevedo is a retired Chicago cop and is well versed about electioneering. The state needs to proceed to punish Acevedo; this is a matter that requires a serious punishment. Acevedo's fascist-like effort to knock Trump from the presidential race was undoubtedly brought on by Trump's much loved illegal alien proposal and highlighting the large number of illegal alien crimes. Acevedo doesn't like it; so he trying to cripple Trump's presidential campaign.  As a state representative and former cop, Acevedo is to be held to a higher standard; he is not above the law and must be held accountable for his disgraceful misconduct!

Roger German

Two Major Myths Being Circulated About FAIRtax

Dear Editor: 
Let's dispel two major myths about FAIRtax that are being circulated by self-proclaimed experts:
Myth 1 - The FAIRtax "prebate" (a $543 billion Refund to compensate all taxpayers and their families for their already-taxed essentials) is just another welfare-like entitlement.
The Truth - When you think "prebate" think of the IRS personal exemption ($980 billion) which goes away with a FAIRtax. 
The Earned Income Tax Credit of $68 billion also goes away, as do other credits. Wouldn't you rather subsidize and benefit from $543 billion than just subsidizing - and possibly benefiting from - well over a trillion dollars in IRS incentives? 
Here is a description of how the FAIRtax and the "Prebate" work:
Myth 2 - The FAIRtax rate is really 30% not the 23% FAIRtax promotes.
The Truth - specifically states that the cost to the consumer at the cash register is 30% ... however, the FAIRtax rate is actually 23%. 
This seems contradictory but is explained in detail here:
FAIRtax achieves nothing by misleading and misinforming Americans; doing so would irreparably damage the FAIRtax image. FAIRtax is interested in truthfully presenting and enacting a well researched, well documented tax-plan that benefits all Americans.
While visiting you will discover many more Truths.

Joe O'Hara
Ocala, Florida 

Above Letters Posted 10/6/15

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Did Someone From Second Grade Do Traffic Study Of Proposed Aldi’s Location?

Dear Editor:
I lived for 9 years in the area of Ash Avenue. I have seen traffic backed up to MacArthur Road. 
Putting a store there will hinder safety for all drivers.  
I can see it now.  People coming north on Rt. 51 and want to turn onto Ash, then into Aldi’s, will have traffic backed up on Rt. 51. 
People wanting to go east or turn right onto Rt. 51 will create a bottle neck off of Ash that will create so many accidents.  
I have no idea who did the traffic study but I suspect someone from, oh, the second grade.

Marilyn Riley

Somehow, Life On Earth Has Continued To Survive

Dear Editor:
It's killing us...but I'm talking about political correctness, not global warming.  Two months ago in the H&R Mr. Jim Randall laid the facts of global warming clearly and succinctly.  With facts, figures and references, he makes a convincing case that the American public and the world are being blatantly mislead and lied to about the man-made connection.  Now it's politically correct to keep shoving that man-made global warming drivel down out throats.  
  Since one lie often leads to another, we can segue into the green-energy hoax.  The Feds continue to pour sand down that rat hole.  Just follow the money and see where it goes...which lobbyist to which politicians; you get the picture.  
Not only do we squander billions in government subsidies to produce  energy (if the sun shines and the wind blows) but we decimate the middle class by losing thousands of good paying permanent jobs in the coal industry and increase the cost of energy production thirty fold. But it's not politically correct to object to the Hoax. 
  God blessed us with this planet and we certainly want to preserve it for future generations.  But he also blessed us with the natural resources to employ thousands of our brothers and sisters and produce energy cost-effectively. Find out which of your politicians are proliferating the lies and hoaxes and do something about it. 
  Mr. Randall said it best. "Now, every weather extreme is somehow based on global warming.  There is no statistical evidence to support any of these claims.  The Earth has gone through many cycles of warming and cooling with carbon dioxide levels several times the current level.  Somehow life on Earth has continued to survive.  It will continue to do so after this generation of global warming alarmists has passed away." 
Bob Kimmons 
Rural Warrensburg
Photos Of Pugh School, Fire Escape Brought Back Memories

Dear Editor:
Seeing pictures of Pugh School and the fire escape brings back many old memories of the school.  
I remember when we had a fire drill and had to go down the fire escape.  There were always 2 boys who volunteered to stand at the bottom and catch anyone who needed it.  They were always eager to volunteer in the hopes that the girls dresses would fly up when they came down.  
Also during the summer we would go with wax paper to make it slick and go down.  Always easy going down but getting back up wasn't so easy.
  Thanks for the memories of days gone by.

Ruth Powers

Your Country Needs You

Dear Editor:
Samuel Adams, signer of the declaration of independence in 1776 said: "If ever the time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."   Certainly that time is now.  The meaning of the word "experienced" as a modifier of "patriots" is uncertain but if your heart pangs for the current state of the USA, I'm certain it includes YOU. 
Patriots, your country needs you now as never before in your lifetime.  Please consider two actions: (1) changing the rules by which our government operates and (2) replacing YOUR CONGRESSMEN, especially your representative.
The first action requires amendment(s) to the constitution including term limits for congressmen and Supreme Court justices.  This will require a Convention of States as provided for in article V of the constitution.  Please consider joining this effort in your state.
Replacement of your representative in the House of Representatives depends solely on the action of you and your fellow congressional district constituents.  This is much easier done in the 2016 primary election than the general election.  A plan to achieve this is presented here:

Glen E Terrell
Arlington, TX 

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Letters Above Were Posted 9/29/15

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Adding 900 More Cars Daily To Macon County’s Busiest Intersection Is A Disaster Waiting To Happen

Dear Editor:
At the Decatur City Planning Commission meeting on Sept. 3, Mr. Aboona of K.L.O.A. Inc. presented Aldi's traffic study results. He stated under oath that Ash Avenue's westbound traffic averaged 10 to 12 cars per hour. 
The room exploded in laughter at this ludicrous statement! 
I live on Ash, and over four 15 minute time periods on Sept. 4-6, I counted an average of 45 westbound and 51 eastbound cars on Ash. This equates to 180 westbound and 204 eastbound cars PER HOUR from 8:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M., hardly rush hour traffic! 
On Sunday, Sept. 6 around 1:00, 25 eastbound cars were waiting at the light at Ash and US 51 to turn north or continue east. Imagine how long those turning west onto Ash from US 51 will have to wait to make that immediate left turn into Aldi's parking lot with 25 cars waiting to get through the intersection and unintentionally blocking the left turn entrance proposed by Aldi!
Aldi spokesmen stated they expect about 900 cars daily at this Aldi. The Herald and Review's Sept. 3 editorial stated that traffic engineers hired by Aldi said that the traffic situation shouldn't get significantly worse because of the store. Adding 900 cars daily to already heavy traffic at the busiest intersection of Macon County is disaster waiting to happen at the portal to Huston Hills, Windsor Village, Shadow Lane, and Cresthaven subdivisions.
Do Decatur officials anticipate problems? They included rezoning stipulations requiring developers to make intersection improvements deemed necessary if additional traffic generated by Aldi causes problems.
Who will deem improvements necessary? 
How many traffic problems or accidents must occur to mandate improvements? How will pedestrians be affected by the proposed change of three lanes of traffic on Ash to four lanes without widening the road but merely taking away parking spaces on the street that now act as a buffer between pedestrians and traffic on Ash Avenue? I truly fear for the safety of children who use Ash Avenue to walk to and from the two neighborhood schools!
Ironically, on Sept. 4, I was at the intersection by the Aldi on Mt. Zion Rd. There was a massive multi-car accident there that required multiple emergency and police vehicles to block the road for over on hour. Is this a picture of what is to come at US 51 and Ash Avenue?
Aldi's consultants presented the commission inaccurate, misleading information. Five planning commission members bought it. Let's hope the city council members show more common sense and not approve this proposed rezoning.

Marilyn Dawson

Use Larger Print On Parade Signs, Displays

Dear Editor:
At a couple of recent parades in Decatur, I noticed viewers were straining to read the signs on displays and marchers.
Even with my 20-20 vision, I could not make out some of the signs. People around me asked, "Who are they? What does that banner say? Where are they from?"
It would be helpful to use larger print on anything meant for public viewing.

Linda Hutton

Mayors Were And Are Bombarded By ‘Special Interests’

Mr. Editor:
I Believe you had some good ideas for Decatur when you were mayor.
I Believe Ms Moore-Wolfe will be another good Decatur Mayor.
I Believe both you and her are and were bombarded by "special interests" who are NOT as good.
I Believe my attempts to inspire better actions (by our city leaders) have been misunderstood.
I Believe perseverance and insistence by all who intend good for Decatur must continue.
I Believe placing religion (or any religious candidate) in charge of management of our City is WRONG!
I Believe  this letter will be casually read and then gently THROWN IN YOUR TRASH BASKET!
  I am not cynical in all my beliefs.
I am practical in my entire life.
You have been so kind if you have read this far.

 Respectfully submitted,
Gene Moyer

Above Letters Were Posted 9/15/15

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Thank You To Gentleman Who Paid For Lunch  

Dear Editor:
This letter is a big "thank you" to a gentleman, who paid for our lunch at Steak & Shake on Tuesday, the 25th of August.
He really surprised us. He doesn't know the great feeling, joy, and happiness it gave to us.
I pray God will bless him every day.
Thank you so very much.

D. Nixon
I. Wiley

Thanks To Exelon

Dear Editor:
As Program Coordinator of Dove, Inc.’s BABES (Beginning Awareness Basic Education Studies) program, I would like to thank Exelon Generation Clinton Power Station for their continuing support of providing a valuable community service by printing all of the materials used by students and letters to parents about the BABES program.  
These classroom materials reinforce the lessons taught by dedicated volunteers during the six week program.  

Sandy Laesch, 
BABES Program Coordinator
Dove Inc.

Above Letters To The Editor Posted 9/8/15

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Rezoning Not Needed

Dear Editor:
As a taxpayer of Decatur I would like to say that there is NO need to rezone the corner of 51st, Ash and Oak Ave to accommodate Aldi’s desire to build on that location in Decatur.  
This rezoning will degrade an upscale neighborhood which is exceptionally maintained by long term tax paying Decatur homeowners. This gives Decatur a positive image as visitor’s come into town from the North on 51. And makes Decatur attractive to future Corporations that employ more than 15 people. Construction of a new Aldi’s will create two eyes sores: the store they abandon and the new slightly bigger store.
At the meeting with CC Consulting Group and Aldi’s on August 27 they stated the new store will only be 3,000 sq. ft. larger than the current store. But there will be less parking than at the current site. This makes no sense. Aldi’s legal representative stated that the traffic issues and related expenses will be the responsibility of Decatur paid through taxes. As a taxpayer Decatur cannot and must not take on anymore debt.
There are plenty of empty business locations in Decatur that would accommodate Aldi’s desire to move. Besides there is enough space to enlarge their current store which has better access than they will have on Ash. On Ash they will have to create a left turn lane which will increase the numerous traffic problems at that corner. Plus Aldi’s delivery trucks will have to back into the store on Oak to off load goods because there is no room to make Oak two lanes.  
This is not just a neighborhood issue, it is a Decatur issue. We need to offer the current empty but zoned commercial spaces to businesses new and existing who want to expand. Just because Aldi’s wants to capture Walmart’s left over business (their words) does not justify rezoning this long term upscale residential neighborhood.
Dunkin Donuts and Decatur Pawn and Jewelry just repurposed two buildings on Pershing. Even the Decatur Police Department revitalized and expanded into an existing building. Aldi’s could do the same. There are a number of vacant building on Pershing for a start that would accommodate their needs just as well with better access to their new store without creating more traffic issues at 51, Ash and Oak Ave.
Over 400 taxpayers have signed a petition against this rezoning of an upscale neighborhood. I encourage the Decatur Planning Commission and Decatur City Council to NOT APPROVE this rezoning.  We need to fill the empty business properties we already have.  We need Decatur revitalized with new business. Not more of the same business just in a different location. 
We need to rebuild and revitalize locations already zoned commercial. If we want to preserve our attractive and desirable city this reckless rezoning must stop.

Edward Dawson

Rezoning Of Properties Could Destroy Neighborhood

Dear Editor:
Aldi is attempting to have the area nearest Route 51 by Walmart rezoned for commercial use so that they can move their existing store on Pershing Road to this location. The plan would be to demolish five nice homes in an established residential area on both West Ash Ave and West Oak Lane.
The rezoning of these properties would effectively destroy this neighborhood. West Ash Ave is already a very busy street which will become even busier if any commercial development occurs.  Residents in the area have signed a petition to stop the rezoning and to save their neighborhood. The rezoning meeting will be held this Thursday September 3rd at 3:00 pm at the Decatur Civic Center. Residents will be attending this meeting as well as the city council meeting on Monday September 21st at 5:30 pm to show their support against any rezoning in this location.
Decatur already has plenty of prime commercial real estate sitting vacant on the north side of Decatur that is an eyesore to the community. The locations occupied by the former Schnucks grocery store, K’s Merchandise, and Rusty’s restaurant have sat vacant for years, and would be prime locations for a business. During the meeting between residents and representatives for Aldi, the representatives confirmed that the current Aldi building on Pershing would be left vacant if the move occurs.
Aldi is also taking a strong armed approach with the city of Decatur to get this location. Mike Rosch, Director of Real Estate for Aldi was quoted in a story in the Decatur Herald & Review on Sunday August 30th as saying “if not approved we’ll continue to expand our search and really try and find a place somewhere north or south of U.S. 51. We would be open to opportunities in Forsyth as well.” During a meeting with representatives from Aldi, they said how they wanted to be good neighbors. A good neighbor would look for ways to help the community revitalize and not destroy a neighborhood to increase their own revenues.
If rezoning is approved and any commercial development happens on the corner of West Ash Ave and U.S. 51, traffic flow will back up further west along Ash Ave, blocking more resident’s driveways. During peak times of the day, residents find it difficult to back out of their driveways onto Ash Ave. Increasing traffic flow will make matters even worse.

The residents of West Ash Ave
Tim & Julie Bresnan
Jim & Barb Forbes
Pam Ambeau & Bruce Baker

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