Discouraged Voter Encourages Citizens To  
‘Think Before You Vote’

Dear Editor:    
I am a discouraged voter.  
Let’s face the truth, the State of Illinois is in deep financial trouble, most of the state-run pension funds are deeply underfunded, our prison and school systems are troubled, and our highways are in desperate need of major repairs. Our employers are leaving the state due to excessive taxes and
rules and regulations, and our citizens can’t find work.
Yet, year after year, we continue to allow the Governor and the Democrat controlled legislature, to continue to be re-elected. 
Their primary concern seems to be what can we promise or do to get re-elected, and don’t worry, be happy. We can always pass legislation and taxes to force the taxpayers to pay additional fees and taxes, so we can continue to collect our perks and pensions for our part time jobs.
We all watch, as the politicians tell us how good things are, and then “cut another ribbon” on a non-essential project.
Yes, I will continue to vote, because too many of us do not vote. We all need to change that.  This is our State, and we all have to live with the results of our votes. Your scarce personal dollars are funding all of this.
Think before you vote.

Milton J. Brahier

Where Has Durbin Been For The Last 30 Years?

Dear Editor:
I find it rather amusing that all of a sudden our illustrious Sen. Dick Durbin is bragging about how he's going to stem the flow of jobs and companies from going overseas. That's campaign talk telling us what he thinks we want to hear.
Where has he been for the last 30 plus years as our Senator while the flood gates of greed were open?
Maybe it's because he has spent a considerable amount of time trying to destroy our 2nd Amendment and take away our  guns. This year's slogan: DUMP DURBIN!

Jim Hopkins

Mike Bell Claims To Be  An ‘Outsider’ But Has
Jumped From One Elected Office To Another 

Dear Editor,
With every election season, comes a wave of "new" politicians who claim they are the answer to all of our problems. While many of them claim to be running for elected office because they are fed up with "politics as usual," it always surprises me to find out that most of them aren't new to politics at all. 
A perfect example of this is Mike Bell who is challenging Sue Scherer to become our next state representative.
Bell claims to be an outsider to politics, yet he has spent the majority of his adult life jumping from one form of elected office to the next. I am all for public service, but when you use elected office as a stepping stone to make a name for yourself, and then turn around and call yourself a newcomer to politics when it benefits you makes me severely question your motives for running. 
If Bell insists on deceiving voters while running for office, why should we expect anything else from him if he were to win?

Steve Woosley

Car Care Guide Has Been Redesigned

Dear Editor,
To help take the mystery out of auto service and repair, the non-profit Car Care Council has totally redesigned its popular Car Care Guide, adding 20 additional pages of new information to help motorists be car care aware by better understanding the when, why and how of caring for their vehicles.
Available in English and Spanish, individual copies of the 80-page Car Care Guide can be ordered free of charge by visiting the Car Care Council website at www.carcare.org/car-care-guide.
New sections include finding an automotive repair shop, alternative fuels, understanding the warranty, vehicle telematics, careers in the auto care industry and an expanded environmental awareness section. The new Car Care Guide was reviewed by industry experts with various backgrounds and areas of expertise and the information has been vetted by car care professionals.
Because properly maintained vehicles perform more safely and dependably for drivers and their families, the Car Care Council offers many other free tools on its website to help consumers drive smart and save money, including a custom service schedule and email reminder service, Car Care Minute videos and Maintenance Mondays tips. The Car Care Council can also be followed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Rich White
Executive Director
Car Care Council
Bethesda, MD

Sen. Manar Has Been Working To
Make DCEO More Accountable

Dear Editor:
Illinois has been the subject of numerous hot topic issues in the past few years. One issue in particular – unemployment – has become an increasingly important matter within the state and has been the source of contention in downstate Illinois and throughout the Chicago land area. The state agency DCEO – The Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity – is the main leader when it comes to finance and employment. 
State Senator Andy Manar has been working to restructure the DCEO in order to make the agency more accountable for the financial crises in Illinois and the high level of unemployment. HB 1544 will work on putting a strategic development plan in place. On top of this, there will be an advisory board with business experts which will work to establish measurable and attainable goals for DCEO, which in turn, will allow the agency to work towards fixing the high unemployment and financial crisis in Illinois. 
This bill progresses the unemployment issue onto the agency and creates the resources to outfit it and hold it accountable in working towards achieving resolutions to problems of high unemployment and budget despairs. HB 1544 could mean an entirely different future for Illinois, one without high unemployment and without lingering financial crisis. 

Kevin Meachum

New Docks Just Another Problem For Park District

Dear Editor:
Well the folks at our park district office have admitted, or almost admitted, that the new docks are a wee bit high from the Lake Decatur water. Thaat’s something anyone who has seen these new docks already knows. The first time I saw them it was a “holy cow moment” as in what were they thinking when these were put in? I thought this is going to put a stop to boat traffic coming to the restaurant. We use to enjoy going to the Beach House when boating. Haven’t been there since the new high rise docks came to the lake. 
It looks like the hopes of a 300 unit condo in Chandler park isn’t going to happen. 
Another wish off the list. 
So look at this through a taxpayer’s eyes. Feasibility costs, you hire a firm to tell us what we need and we do it but it doesn’t work.  We hire a firm to tell us what we need and even they realize this isn’t going to work and try to get the district to adjust their wishes, but the Park District knows best and sends them on their way. 
We do have a new miniature golf course, though. Another disappointment for myself. All the talk about sticking to the zoo theme with animals and the like at each hole. I haven’t been there yet but from the road it looks like yard ornaments to me. 
Sorry but not impressed yet. During all of this, Lake Shore Drive remains closed. Maybe hindsight would have been to leave it open to see if or until these grandiose plans work or fail. There is still time. 
One thing for certain in Decatur is if you plan and build thinking you’re going to attract upper middle class to price out anyone lower you will fail. This is a blue collar community, has been and will remain so. 
High end boat docks and condos won’t make it in this town, even by the lake. My dad use to call it a champagne appetite with a beer pocket book.  
Makes since to me.     

Rocky Daniels

What Would Abe Do?

Dear Editor:
What would Abe do?
The gubernatorial election in Illinois is pointed everywhere but on the issues. If the media restricted political advertisements to major problems facing the state, we might be on the road to economic reality. We are rated the worst state in the nation financially. That's a political problem that Lincoln would deem important and face up to. Difficult, yes! Unpopular, yes, but not like declaring war on states separating themselves from the union!
Unemployment is another hot-button topic. If government pensions are running amuck should we not talk about the ways and means of dealing with the problem? State taxes, entitlements, skewered labor laws all jump right up there with what's keeping new business out and the old employers leaving. 
Would Abe stand against an opponent because of wealth? I think not. Our most revered leader would climb out of today's political slime pit and face the issues of importance. The discourse should be on the glaring problems. Let the electorate deal with those who create and propagate the disaster we face.

Tom Cooley

FOIA The State Police

Dear Editor:
Someone needs to FOIA the State Police Dept. concerning any/all facts pertaining to the reason(s) why firearms permits (conceal carry) are being denied by this governor's arm, against our legally protected right to carry - to protect life, property, and liberty - reference to Bastrat's "The Law".
Didn't we have a little tête-à-tête with the King in the 1700's over Lex Rex or rightful authority and unalienable rights?
Illinois shall not be above the rule of law.

Sherry Procarione


Bad Experience With Illinois State 
Treasurer’s Office

To the Editor:
Today (Friday) I had the unfortunate experience to call Dan Rutherford’s office about “unclaimed property” of my deceased mother-in-law.  
Previously I had completed forms and sent them to the Illinois State Treasurer’s office as instructed along with a copy of the last will and testament, small estate affidavit, death certificate and of course these documents were certified by the Macon County Clerk of the Circuit Court and signed by the Circuit Judge. 
Guess what?  
After a month or more, the USPS delivered another form and a request for the same documents I previously submitted!  I called the number provided and was curtly told I had submitted ‘copies’ and I must submit originals certified by the Circuit Clerk (the embossed seal must be ‘raised!’ ).
The Treasurer’s office is not helping residents of Illinois by making such ridiculous rules, hindering the rightful owners of unclaimed property!   The Treasurer’s office publishes full page notices with many names, acting like they are the savior and then have such regulations!  
The Treasurer’s office personnel do nothing but create more bureaucracy to justify their jobs.
Illinois’ political climate and finances have to be the worst in the US! 

Dennis G. Mahorney

Some Resources To Help Take Control Of Your Medical Care

Dear Editor:
We live in an era of medicine that offers the best of care, but is often put off course by jumbled communication. Here are important resources to help you take control of your medical care.
1. "How Doctors Think", by Jerome Groopman, MD - Harvard medical school professor explains the diagnosis process and how patients can help steer their doctors in the right direction.
2. Labtestonline.org - Lets you look up any lab test and find out why it is given and how to interpret the results.
3. MedlinePlus (www.nim.nih. gov/medlineplus) - Provides authoritative information from government agencies and private health care organizations.
There are hundreds of health-care related books and web sites. These three resources are a good place to start. 

William C. Faber, Jr.

Above Letters Posted 9/16/14

Noise Pollution Law Is More Than Just

Dear Editor:
I believe there are many folks here in Decatur that will agree the noise pollution law is more than just. Certain people believes it's okay to drive around town with a sound system which is emitting enough "music" to wake the dead. There main complaint that on top of being fined, their vehicle is towed. This causes a hardship money wise as well as now they have no transportation to work. Huh? You mean these people actually have jobs? When do they sleep?  I've been awakened many times when one of these idiots pull up to a neighbor's house with the music blaring that literally rattles my windows. Than, instead of leaving the car to go knock on the door of the person they're there to see, the lazy fools sit out in the car honking the horn.
Also a complaint because the police are profiling? Could it be there are more blacks breaking this law than whites? Nah. How silly of me. And how about the dude sitting there waiting for the light to change and he's blasting his "music"? You're  telling me he can hear an emergency vehicle approaching that must get through?
Also, has this bugwit given any thought at all to the irreparable damage they're doing to their hearing? Another thing is the outright filthy language being used. If I am waiting at a stoplight with my kids in the car, I don't think we should be subjected to such trash.
Whether you're black or white or pink, this is just plain unadulterated ignorance. 
Personally, I wish they would even increase the fines on these brainless morons.

Jeff Carter

Article About St. Nicholas Hotel
Brings Back A Lot Of Memories

Regarding your article on the old St. Nicholas Hotel. When I first moved to Decatur from New Jersey, I worked at the St. Nick from 1958 to 1959. 
I was a desk clerk and switchboard operator. (What's a switchboard?) I started at a $1.00 an hour working the 3:00 to 11:00 shift. Sometimes when the night clerk was off or on vacation I'd work a double shift, from 3:00 in the afternoon till 7:00 in the morning. 
Jack and his mother, Mrs. Brune, owned the hotel. I never knew her first name. I think they were from the St. Louis area. 
One night in 1959, Harry James and his band were playing a concert in the area and they stayed at the St. Nick. 
A lot of old memories, all pleasant. Thanks for the article.

Dennis  DiLullo
Medford, NJ

Articles In ‘Scrapbook’ Bring Back Great,
And Not-So-Great, Memories 

Dear Paul:
I look forward to receiving my copy of the Decatur Tribune, which I read in Marshalltown, Iowa. 
The articles in the Scrapbook section have brought back many great and some not-so-great memories. 
The article on Chap's Amusement Park also included my paternal grandparents' house which was just across the street. 
We often shopped at Chap's Grocery on Water Street. Your article about Daut's Nursery bought more memories to mind. My father purchased most of the Daut's Nursery property which became part of Twickingham Heights subdivision. One of the houses on the nursery property was moved to Grays Lane by my father, where it resides to this day. I always read the obits, checking ages to see if it might be anyone I would know. 
It is so refreshing to read a newspaper full of positives! Thank you for filling that niche.
Thanks again for all the work you do in putting this paper out.

Kay Lents
Marshalltown, Iowa

The Observance Of The Anniversary Of The Signing
Of The Constitution Is Week Of Sept 17-23

Dear Editor,
The Stephen Decatur National Society Daughters of the American Revolution is promoting the observance of the 227th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution of the United States of America during the week of September 17-23. This is one of the finest documents ever written, and we as Americans have reason to be appreciative that we have this document to give us the freedoms we have
We are inviting the public to attend a bell ringing in Central Park on Wednesday, September 17th to celebrate this event. Bring a hand bell to join us in this celebration. We will gather beneath the flag pole.

Wilma Thompson
Constitution Co-chairman, 
Stephen Decatur Chapter

Letters Posted 9/2/14

Our Nation Was Founded On Christian Principles

To the Editor:
Here are a few things to think about. Our nation was founded on Christian principles. The people who came here from Europe came for many reasons. One of them was for religious freedom. Many of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence were Christians. Our earlier presidents publicly praised God for the success of our nation. The Bible was used as a textbook in our public schools, and universities were established on Christian principles.
Today, our nation spends more money on education than most other nations, yet we score near the bottom of education standings in the world. Our nation spends more money providing health services, yet we stand near the bottom of health standards. Our constitution still stands unique in the world, providing more freedoms than any other nation. Yet, more of our citizens are in prison, or in county or city jails. Our nation is the largest market in the world for illegal drugs. Every large city, and most of the smaller ones, has a street gang problem that generates many murders each year.
There is no single path to solving our many problems, but the first, critical step is for our nation to seek the help and protection of God. We need to pray for our nation.

Eldon Clements

Excited About Coming Of National
Agriculture Genotyping Center

Dear Editor,
I, along with many of my friends and neighbors, believe economic development in central Illinois should be our lawmakers' top priority so I was excited to hear about the prospect of bringing the National Agriculture Genotyping Center to central Illinois.
Decatur is one of only two cities still in the running for this Tier 1 laboratory that will not only bring jobs to the area, but will also help attract other companies to Decatur in the future. This additional boost to our local economy owes thanks to Representative Sue Scherer, Senator Andy Manar, Secretary of Agriculture Bob Flider, and other local lawmakers who lobbied for this opportunity. It is time to get the Illinois economy back on track, and I believe the efforts of our leaders are getting us that much closer.

Jan Carpenter

Place In Heart For The Decatur Commodores

Dear Editor:
I could not help keeping a place in my heart for the Decatur Commodores. I moved here in 1970 so, even though this is not my hometown, I have been around here awhile. 
My connection with the baseball team comes from the fact that one early summer afternoon I decided to visit Fan's Field as I assumed they would be practicing. I arrived early and happened upon the manager, and lo and behold he asked me if I wanted to try out. My mind started racing as, although I played on a team in high school that finished in the top eight in the state, I was nothing more than a first base coach. 
However, I have reasoned since then that the reason for the interest in me came from a college coach who also taught a baseball course (301) at Illinois Wesleyan University. Evidently he put in a good word for me as I had gotten an A from him in that course. 
The manager asked me if I wanted to try out and I said I lived six miles from there and I didn't have my spikes or glove. I would have to have a way to get them and when there was no response to this I assumed they were not interested in me.
The games that I attended that year I was the only one in attendance. Quite a difference from the 1920's. I did see a couple of good ballplayers though. I should say I attended all of the weekend games as I was employed elsewhere at the time. 
Hey look out. I may have become a big league manager if I had acquired a ride. Nuff said.

David R. Baker

Send A Message To Senators Kirk, Durbin

To the Editor,
Chuck it. Don't chip it. You decide at the ballot box.
Federal legislation is being introduced by Senator Mark Kirk (IL) to make the information on medicare cards "safer" from ID theft, by taking displayed info and imbedding it on a computer chip in the card. This includes your social security number, which the American people were promised at the time of its introduction, it would not be used as an ID number.
When will the government keep its word? When will Americans stop willingly trading their freedom for security, or social security? Then, Madison warned, you will have neither? 
Again, freedom for a mess of pottage such as medicare, medicard or national healthcare through taxes paid by our family and neighbors.
Remember it is not the purpose of government to provide for your health. The rightful order for those in need is through charity. So, don't wonder why government provides so poorly, if at all. think of the recent veteran's healthcare scandal - it helps to be offered medical attention while you're still alive! Charity will always be more compassionate.
In addition, someone said about the Affordable Healthcare Act, “if you can't afford your insurance now, wait until it's free."
When government oversteps its natural bounds the rule of law, our constitution, the people lose trust.
Please call/contact your Senators Kirk and Durbin and tell them to chuck this bill, originally proposed in 2011 and never made it out of committee, along with the rest of the other social welfare programs. Tell them the American people do a better job taking care of each other and we want a refund.

Sherry Procarione

Anti-Drive-Through Liquor Window
Citizen Is Moving From Decatur

Dear Editor: 
      In the March 20th primary, 53% of those who voted on the drive-up liquor window advisory referendum in Decatur Township, supported a drive-up liquor sales ban.
      Prior to the election, I promised that if the referendum won popular support, I'd make sure the issue would be on the November general election ballot.
     When I made that promise, I didn't know that I'd be getting married and moving to Bonney Lake, Washington.  Since I'm moving to a state that doesn't allow drive-thru liquor window sales, I won't be writing any letters to the editor in the local newspapers.
      But since I'm no longer going to be a resident of Decatur, I don't feel I have any business promoting a drive-thru ban here.
     Just because I'm leaving town, however, doesn't mean that someone else can't pick up where I left off.  Decatur still has three times the number of drive-thru liquor windows than the ten most populous cities of Illinois, combined.
     There's plenty of scientific data that shows that the easier it is for people to buy alcohol, the more people will drink, and the more people drink, the more violence there is.
     It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that reducing the convenience of buying alcohol will reduce the amount of violence and other crimes associated with drunkenness.
     To those who voted to ban drive-thru liquor sales, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for supporting this no cost to the taxpayers public safety issue.
      If you're concerned about DUI's, the rate of violence and overall quality of life in Decatur, please attend the next Decatur Township meeting and request that another advisory referendum concerning a drive-thru liquor window ban be placed on the November ballot. 

David Daker

Animals Have Lost A  Great Friend With Passing Of Guruji

Dear Editor,
With the passing of yoga guru B.K.S. Iyengar (aka "Guruji"), animals have lost a great friend. Guruji often spoke up in defense of animals. For instance, he appealed to fellow yogi and fashion designer Donna Karan to stop using fur in her designs. A longtime vegetarian who survived typhoid fever, malaria, and tuberculosis as a child, Guruji also starred in a PETA India ad to promote eating healthy plant-based foods.
  "If animals died to fill my plate, my head and my heart would become heavy with sadness," Guruji told PETA India. "Becoming a vegetarian is the way to live in harmony with animals and the planet."
Anyone who was inspired by Guriji can find out how easy it is to eat a healthy, humane, “harmonious” diet by visiting www.PETA.org and ordering a free Vegan Starter Kit.

Poorva Joshipura
Chief Executive Officer
PETA India

Obama Family Uses Taxpayers’ Money For Personal Vacations

Dear Editor:
Who is spending our taxpayer money?
Did you realize the Obama family uses our taxpayer money for their personal vacations? 
The family went on 3 vacations in 2013: Africa, Christmas in Honolulu, Spring Break at Martha's Vineyard.
The total of Flight Expenses ONLY was $17,049,853.90.
The President had a "G-8' meeting in Belfast Ireland. Tax money is always used for meetings. The family went with him. Michelle Obama took her girls and entourage of 30 people to Dublin, Ire. Flight expenses ONLY were $7,921,638.66 with our taxpayer dollars. Her upscale hotel room was  $3,300 a night. The entire side trip cost, for 2 days, $5 million dollars. 
Million dollars.
Last, but not least, were Obama's two big golf trips . February, 2014 he golfed in Palm Springs, Ca. during a severe drought. Flight expenses ALONE, were $2,952,278.00 in taxpayers money. The President was in Ca. to high -lite the state's severe drought. 
He spent ONLY 4 HOURS at 3 different meeting events. The next 3 days he was playing golf, which used about 17% of all water there. Some was even pumped out of the region's "at risk" ground water aquifer. 
Not very thoughtful!! $$-diplomatic business?
Ironically, upon returning to D.C., he gave the "State of the Union Speech”, in which his speech focused on "INCOME IN-EQUALITY", while he had just taken two luxury golf vacations back to back.
His other golf trip was to Key Largo, Fla.. His flight expenses ONLY 
were $885,633.00.
As most families were struggling with no vacations, he laughed his way 
to the 18th hole.
At this moment, the family is taking  Spring Break at Martha's  Vineyard.  The President is happy and joyful on the golf course as terrorists are beheading children, raping women, executing men, cutting small children in half and Christians are dying on Mt.  Zinzar.

June Innis

Rep. Scherer, Staff Helped In Time Of Need

Dear Editor:
I know a lot of people are fed up with politicians, and most of their anger makes sense. 
However, I am the type of person who believes you should always give credit where credit is due.
Earlier this year, I became severely ill. For those of you who have been in that situation, or who have a loved one who has been diagnosed with a serious medical condition, you know how devastating and painful it can be. My situation was worse because I found myself unable to obtain my medication. 
Having nowhere else to turn, I decided to contact Sue Scherer's office.
Rep. Scherer and her staff responded to my call right away, and helped me complete all of the paperwork needed to get my medication. Thanks to them, I can put all of my thought towards getting better.
Good people aren't always easy to come by, but Sue is one of them. She cares about the average person.
Please join me in supporting her in the upcoming November election.

Lashawn Patrick


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