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Sorry.  I couldn't resist the headline because the Water Services Division of the City of Decatur will be flushing fire hydrants to remove harmless materials that collect in the water mains beginning on September 29, 2014 until completed. Crews will work between 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.
During the hours of flushing residents connected to the City water system may experience discolored water and lower than normal water pressure. Residents should wait until the water clears up before drinking or washing clothes and dishes, even though the water is perfectly safe to drink.
The general area that could be impacted by the hydrant flushing is located east of Lake Decatur and north of U.S. Route 36 and include the Baker Woods, Bayview, Country Club, Country Manor, Lakeridge, North Fork and Shorewood neighborhoods.
For further information call Water Services at 875--5705.

Linda Little

Sen. Andy Manar
Attack On Incumbent
Little: Manar Doesn't Want Voters To Know He's A State Senator

Linda Little, Republican candidate for State Senate in the 48th District, says that her opponent, Democrat incumbent Andy Manar, “doesn’t even want voters to know that he’s a state senator, let alone one of Pat Quinn’s most reliable votes in the senate.”
It’s apparent that Little has gone into “attack mode” which concentrates more on attacking her opponent than explaining her own positions on the issues.
“Earlier this month, Andy Manar released his first television advertisement,” says Little.  “It’s telling that Senator Manar failed to mention his tenure in the Senate-- I’d try and hide my record too if I was Andy Manar.”
In her attack on Manar, Little says “he supports ‘decent schools, good jobs and honest government,’ but the reality is that he has failed his constituents on all three accounts.” 
Little emphasized, in a recent news release, that Manar “might talk about bringing good jobs to the 48th District, but the region continues to suffer from an unacceptably high level of unemployment.
“Manar’s been a Springfield insider for years and a sitting senator for the last two,” Little pointed out. “You’d think with his long tenure in Springfield he’d be able to point to one significant accomplishment that brought jobs to our area, but area residents should ask themselves, ‘How has my family fared under the leadership of Manar and his Chicago Democrat patrons?’ The reality is, Manar’s actions have driven jobs and economic development out of Central Illinois.”
  Little also questioned Manar’s commitment to honest governance, saying that Illinois can no longer afford public officials that look the other way in the face of corruption.
“Andy Manar doesn’t talk about his record in Springfield, because it’s a record of inaction and failure in the three areas Manar himself says are the most important.  Andy Manar’s been AWOL when we needed him most.”

Manar Responds To Attack

Manar was in my office a few days ago for a one-on-one interview and I asked him about the accusation that he was trying to hide his record and “doesn’t even want voters to know he is a state senator.”
Manar said, “I don’t know what she means.  I’ve had 35 town hall meetings in my district since being elected and I would challenge her to find another member of the legislature who has stood up for a cumulative 70 hours and taken questions from constituents.  Those town hall meetings are not designed to produce agreement on every issue, but to promote a discussion about our state’s problems.  They provide me the opportunity to know constituents better from their perspective and it provides constituents the opportunity to hold me accountable for the votes I have made.”
Manar said his record is out there for all to see and “it is absolutely opposite of what she (Little) is saying and there is a lot of evidence to prove that I am in touch with constituents.
“I’ve held so many town hall meetings because I believe legislators need to be accountable for their votes.”
Manar said that, he has never refused to talk to any reporter regardless of what they want to talk about.
“Even more than that, I have never refused to answer questions because I think that responsibility comes with the turf,” he said.  “It is part of the process.”
Manar said that Little did not make a formal announcement of her candidacy and she hasn’t explained to the voters why she is in the race.

Little, Manar Fundraising

Candidates’ D-2 Quarterly Report for the quarter ending Sept. 30th, will be filed next month with the Illinois State Board of Elections, and will show us total amounts candidates have collected and spent.
However, I checked contributions on A-1 Reports (required to be filed within two business days for contributions of $1,000 or more) and found information on the Little-Manar race.
Little, who reported $8,953.60 as a fund balance at the end of the second quarter (after contributions of $6,800 during the second quarter), has collected over $160,000.00 in $1,000-plus contributions so far during the third quarter.
There’s hardly any private donation from someone inside the district.  The only one I saw in briefly scanning all of them was Kevin Breheny, who contributed $1,000 earlier this month.
The overwhelming majority of contributions came from the Illinois Republican Party, other Republican campaign committees and the Republican State Senate Campaign Committee (which contributed in sums as much as $44,972.00).
Manar, who had a fund balance of $578,404.11 on his D-2 at the end of the second quarter has reported a total in $1,000-plus contributions of $216,000.00 during the present quarter -- so the huge fundraising gap between he and Little remains.
Manar’s contributions come from a variety of business, labor, democratic party organizations and individual contributions. 

Candidates Can Now Start Circulating Petitions

Macon County Clerk Steve Bean has announced that candidates for Library Districts, Fire Protection Districts, Austin Land Commissioners, Community College Board, School Boards, Park Districts and Villages and Cities (except for Decatur which started last month) can begin circulating petitions for the April 7, 2015 Consolidated Election.
This year marks the first time that school district  board candidates will file with the County Clerk (December 15-22).
Petitions for school board are available at the Macon County Clerk’s Office, Room 104, at the county website on the scroll bar (, or local school district offices.
All other districts have petitions available at their local offices.
For more information, call 424-1306.

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