Paul Osborne's
Candidates' Quarterly Reports
Give Picture Of Campaign Status With Less Than A
Month To Go Before Election

The candidates' committees have filed their D-2 Quarterly Income and Expense forms for the third quarter (July 1st to September 30th) with the Illinois State Board of Elections.
State Senator Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill) raised a huge amount of money in his race to be re-elected in the 48th District.
Manar reported receipts of $316,762.93 for the quarter.  Manar had a beginning fund balance of $576,404.11 on June 30 and adding those numbers and subtracting expenses of $439,710.21 his fund balance on Sept. 30 was $453,456.83.
Manar’s opponent Linda Little (R-Decatur) had total receipts of $234,843.00 during the quarter and expenditures of $216,280.61.  Little reported a fund balance at the beginning of the reporting period of $8,953.60 and ended the quarter with a fund balance of $27,515.99. 
In the other senate race impacting directly on Decatur, Senator Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) is running unopposed in the 51st State Senate District.  Friends of Chapin Rose reported total receipts of $23,185.00.  Rose had a beginning fund balance of $59,590.43 which, after $25,259.62 in expenses, decreased to 57,515.81 at the end of September.
HOUSE: Mike Bell (R-Edinburg), who is challenging incumbent Democrat Sue Scherer (D-Decatur) for state representative in the 96th District, had $17,963.82 in his campaign fund at the beginning of the quarter, and received $110,471.00 in receipts and, minus expenses of $91,895.80, ended the quarter with a balance of $36,539.02.
Friends of Sue Scherer reported she had a beginning fund balance of $67,005.17 and total receipts of $252,525.00. She had expenditures of $205,967.81 to produce $113,562.36 for an ending fund balance on Sept. 30.
As I predicted at the end of the previous quarter, Scherer has the money she needs to stay ahead of Bell in fundraising.
Her fund balance grew over $46,000.00 during the quarter despite the expenses during the quarter.
State Rep. Bill Mitchell (R-Forsyth), who doesn’t have an opponent in his re-election effort, raised $42,848.12 during the third quarter and spent $17,983.19.  His starting fund balance at the beginning of the quarter was $117,799.89 and he closed the quarter with $142,664.82 in funds available.   

DAVIS, CALLIS: Third quarter reports have been filed with the Federal Election Commission for the 13th Congressional District and Republican Incumbent Rodney Davis ended the quarter with a fund balance of $1,268,459.68, after total receipts of $563,984.43 minus disbursements of $628,937.59.  His fund balance at the end of the second quarter was $1,331,928, so his campaign balance didn’t change a whole lot during the last quarter despite spending over $626,000.00 on the campaign. 
His challenger, Democrat Ann Callis raised  $400,835.02 during the third quarter, had $572,158.60 in disbursements and a fund balance of $545,881.01 on the last day of September.
With only a few weeks to go until the Nov. 4th election there will be wall-to-wall radio and television commercials for candidates.
Unfortunately most campaigns today are based on demeaning and defaming the opponent -- not on the issues -- and it’s a sorry sight to see.

Tacky Statement Shows
Dislike For Candidate

Katie Prill, National Republican Congressional Committee Spokeswoman, sent out a news release  last week that I thought was pretty tacky but is a reflection of how “personal” political campaigns are getting.
Prill referred to a “bombshell” decison by the Democratic Campaign Congressional Committee that it is pulling financial assistance to the Ann Callis campaign against incumbent Rodney Davis in the 13th Congressional District race.
Here’s the quote from Prill.  I have underlined the part of the quote that I felt was a personal, tacky attack -- you know the kind we’ve come to expect from both national parties.
“Ann Callis’ campaign has imploded. The DCCC’s decision to cut and run on Callis was the final nail in the coffin for her race. Surely Callis is regretting being wooed into this race nearly two years ago by Nancy Pelosi - hindsight is always 20/20. But now at least she can start collecting her six-figure judicial pension and free taxpayer funded health care for life that much sooner!
Campaign news releases are bad enough these days.  That last sentence was really, in my opinion, unusually “tacky”.
By the way, Callis’ last quarter was the best she’s had so far in fundraising and, with three weeks left before the November 4th election she seems to be getting more news media exposure today than at any point in her campaign.

• RODNEY SAYS:  I had a one-on-one with 13th District Congressman Rodney Davis in my office last week and I asked him about the negative ads that have been running against Callis.
He told me that his campaign was running positive ads until the Callis campaign started running negative ads about him and the Davis campaign had to respond.  (It’s not the first time I’ve heard that response over the years I’ve covered politics and negative advertising.)
I guess I’ve never fully understood the plan for a candidate to defend himself against false and misleading advertising from his or her opponent, by using the same attack tactic against the opponent!
There’s also a lot of negative advertising in the Mike Bell and Rep. Sue Scherer race and the Linda Little and Senator Andy Manar race. 
If you are like me you are sick of all the negative commercials.
Well, don’t fear.  As we get closer to the election, all of them will run commercials telling how sweet and wonderful they are and why we should vote for them.
By the way, I think the best commercial I’ve seen for Davis is the one with his daughter talking about what her dad is about.  The best one for Callis is where she talks about her concerns for veterans and it ends showing Callis with her soldier son.
Both of those commercials leave me with a good feeling.
• MORE ON BOTH: I’ll have more on my discussion with Davis in a couple of weeks and talk again with Callis before I write a final article on this race. 
I don’t like negative advertising -- and  calling candidates “liars”, regardless of their political affilation, is nasty stuff.
Such tactics don’t speak well for the candidates and their respective parties.
Candidates should explain why we should vote for them, not why we shouldn’t vote for their opponents.

• MONEY FOR BILL:  I see where Rep. Bill Mitchell (R-Forsyth) filed an A-1 Report with the Illinois State Board of Elections Oct. 6, showing that he had received a $1,000 contribution from Ceasars Entertainment Operating Company in Las Vegas, NV, as well as a $4,000 contribution from Comcast Financial Agency Corporation in Philadelphia, PA.
Mitchell also filed A-1s ($1,000 or more) last quarter for contributions totalling over $25,000.
Plus, Mitchell started the last quarter with $117,799.89 in the bank.
Rep. Mitchell doesn’t even have an opponent in the Nov. 4th election and the money keeps rolling into his committee’s bank account.

Big Congratulations To All For Incredible Community Food Drive Of Over One Million Pounds Of Food!!!! 

No one should ever question the giving spirit of the people of Decatur and surrounding communities after Friday's beyond successful annual community food drive.  While the goal of 825,000 pounds seemed an incredible goal, the total at the end of the day was well over a million pounds!  Thanks to WSOY's Brian Byers, Kevin Breheny and so many people who helped in so many ways to achieve an amount of food collected for those in need that almost is hard to grasp.  It is great to live in Decatur and Central Illinois where so many caring, generous and compassionate people live.
Check out the details of the incredible day on WSOY.
I've always been proud of this community -- and even more so following this year's community food drive.

Attention! County Clerk Needs Republican Election Judges

The Macon County Clerk’s Office still needs Republican election judges for the November 4th General Election. The individual should have cast a Republican ballot in a primary election.
The individual must attend an election judge training course before the election.
The clerk’s office is seeking judges both inside and outside  Decatur Township.
Call 424-1305 for more details.

Mayor McElroy Starts
Re-Election Bid With Fund Balance Of Over $12,000

Although Mayor Mike McElroy didn’t report any contributions in his D-2 Quarterly Report filing on Oct. 1st, he is starting his campaign for re-election with a balance of $12,557.20. 
Friends for Mike McElroy reported  total expenditures of $414.16 during the quarter which ended Sept. 30.
Mike Bell, the Republican candidate for state representative, who is running against incumbent Sue Scherer (D-Decatur), received a $300 contribution from McElroy and $114.16 was not-itemized expenses.
Neither of McElroy’s two announced mayoral opponents, Councilman Patrick Mc-Daniel and Dustin C. Chapman, have filed their D-1 Statement of Organization forms, so there is no D-2 Quarterly Report required for them.
  Although I’ve received some telephone calls from a few people who seem interested in running for mayor, there hasn’t been much activity indicating anyone else is going to run for that office.
Of course, we are still over five weeks away before any candidate can file their nominating petitions to get on the ballot, so it is possible that another candidate could decide to throw his or her name into the race.

South Ramp In Front Of Post  Office Is My Choice To Cross

South Ramp (A)

South Ramp (A) and North Ramp (B) far right

I’m happy the new streetscape work in front of the downtown post office (above) will have two sidewalk ramps to cross Franklin Street. I have designated them as “A” and “B”.
I will choose “A” to cross the street because the drivers on North Park don’t turn right on Franklin and my odds of surviving increase dramatically.  Drivers on North Park turn left while they are looking for traffic coming up Franklin.  Unfortunately, some do not see pedestrians crossing at “B” location and start turning left while they are still looking right to see if any traffic is coming.  I’ve about been hit several times walking across Franklin using the old “B” crossing.  I will be crossing at “A” from now on and should be safer even though I will continue to be vigilant.
By the way, I have heard quite-a-bit of grumbling about the removal of several parking spaces in front of the post office because of the streetscape design (top photo).  There will be a few parking spaces at the north end -- just beyond “B”.  A lot of cars pulled in and out of the spaces in front of the post office for a lot of years.
It doesn’t bother me a lot, since I walk to the post office. 

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