Cindy Deadrick Wolfer Issues Statement  On Withdrawal From 96th House District Campaign

"As of today, Tuesday, June 28, 2016, I am formally announcing that I have suspended my campaign for Illinois House of Representatives 96th District.

"As a business person and community member, I have not only witnessed, but have experienced the many issues that impact the viability of a thriving State of Illinois.  I had hoped that my background in business and community would provide a common sense voice for change and help put us on a different path.  

"Over the past several months, I have had the opportunity to meet wonderful people, within the various communities that make up the 96th District, and have learned a great deal about a number of organizations that are providing exceptional service and outreach.  I wish them all the best as they strive to make a difference.

"This was a difficult decision and I will be eternally grateful for the support of friends, family, business colleagues and many elected officials for their personal efforts in this endeavor.  They have provided support through their gifts of time and talent, financial resources and expertise. Unfortunate as it is, that effort is just not enough in this politically challenging time."

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The Local Lie That

Just Won't Die

    "A lie told often enough becomes the truth." - Vladimir Lenin

    Over the decades that I’ve been editor of this newspaper I’ve found a lot of “truth” in that reference to “a lie”.
    Although it is no longer a “widespread” lie in our community, I still receive mail and  read references of people who tell as “fact” that the City of Decatur’s purchase of the Decatur Conference Center & Hotel (DCCH) several years ago is a good example of elected officials wasting taxpayers’ money on a boondoggle.
    One writer even mentioned it as a “proveable fact” but, of course, he offered no proof.
    I guess I’m especially irritated by the “fact” regarding the City’s purchase of the DCCH, not only because of the repeated accusation that it was a “waste of taxpayers’ money” and “boondoggle” references, but because I was mayor at the time of the purchase, advocated for it and would vote for the purchase again, if I had it to do over under the same circumstances.
    It was also a very controversial purchase and I probably took more flak over that mayoral move than any during the years I served in office.
    One attorney stopped me on the street and asked if I had lost my mind in purchasing the hotel!
    My name for a time in some circles was not mayor, but “innkeeper”.  It didn’t bother me that much because I knew we had made the right decision. We were on the verge of losing the facility to non-profit status and other uses for which it was not built.
    City Manager Steve Garman brought to my attention, and that of the city council, that the DCCH would be auctioned off on an approaching date and the most likely buyer was a non-profit organization -- eliminating any revenue flow to the City.
    We stepped in and bought the DCCH only a day or two before the auction.
    I won’t bore you with all of the details, research and consultation that was done, which the naysayers did not have access to, but within a very short time after we purchased the facility, local developer Steve Horve stepped up, first to manage the DCCH and then, shortly thereafter, to purchase it from the City.
    Those who continue to lie about this purchase, calling it a boondoggle and a waste of taxpayers’ money, never point out that we (the City of Decatur) got back all of the money that we had invested in it (plus interest) and, instead of $0 tax revenue which would have happened, had a non-profit purchased it, we have been receiving a steady stream of substantial tax revenue since we sold it nearly a decade ago!
    Plus, we have also received additional tax revenue from all of the conventions and people who have stayed there over the years because many of them spent and continue to spend money in other places in our community while they are here -- in restaurants, service stations, gift shops, etc.
    Not only that, Horve has transformed the facility with constant upgrades and remodeling and today, it looks better than it has ever looked.
    In addition, can you imagine the negative economic image losing the DCCH would project about Decatur, if we didn’t make sure that it remained a convention center and hotel?
    Buying the DCCH passed the council by one vote (that hung in the balance for some tense minutes at a council meeting).
    Voting with me were city council members Mike McElroy, Betsy Stockard and Pat Laegeler.
    Sadly, Councilman McElroy (who was the next elected mayor after I left office) passed away last July and Councilwoman Stockard has also passed away.
    I consider the vote to buy the DCCH my best vote because it continues to generate revenue every day for our community.  I also consider it the best vote for the council members who served with me.
    That’s why, I get a little testy at times when someone spreads garbage about the City wasting taxpayers’ money in buying the hotel. It’s simply not true!
    That’s not to say that, sometimes, public bodies do waste money in some of the decisions they make -- but the DCCH decision was not one of them. 
    It’s totally ridiculous to say that it was in face of a mountain of facts about the purchase and sale -- and anyone who would write or speak about the DCCH purchase as a boondoggle obviously doesn’t know what they are talking (or writing) about and anything else they tell as “the truth” should be considered with a high degree of skepticism.
    As indicated by some of the mail I receive, those spreading rumors and lies are pretty much the same people that I had to deal with who always seem unhappy when something good happens in Decatur.  
    As my Grandpa Bolin would say, “Some people are too silly to be noticed.”
    Amen, Grandpa. 

New Restaurant To Open In Former Pastabilities Location On East Main Street   

 The Greater Decatur Chamber of Commerce will hold a ribbon cutting at Tandoor, The Indian Grill on Friday, July 8 at 11:30.
    The new restaurant is located at 134 East Main street in downtown Decatur and if that address seems familiar to you, that’s where Pastabilities was located for many years until it closed last year following the death of its owner, Angie Constant, who opened the business in 2003 with her husband, John.
    Pastabilities was one of my favorite places to eat and I was sad not only about its closing but especially the death of Angie -- a real asset to our community.
    The building is in full view out my office windows and it looked kind of lonesome for many months until I saw workmen going in and out of its doors for the past several weeks.
    In a touch of irony, my first ribbon cutting as mayor in 2003 was to open Pastabilities.  Also a part of the ribbon cutting was Julie Moore Wolfe, who then headed the Greater Decatur Chamber of Commerce.
    When the ceremony is held for Tandoor’s, Julie will cut the ribbon in the same building -- but this time as mayor.
    I’m really pleased that another restaurant is opening there and wish the new owners the very best.

Cindy Deadrick Wolfer Drops Out Of Campaign To Defeat Rep. Sue Scherer In The 96th District

   Cindy Deadrick Wolfer announced this morning (Tuesday) that she is suspending her campaign for the Illinois House of Representatives' 96th District. Deadrick Wolfer did not give a reason. She was to face Rep. Sue Scherer, D-Decatur, on the Nov. 8 ballot.
    I assume a lack of financial support from the State GOP was a factor in Deadrick Wolfer's decision to drop out of the race which essentially hands a November General Election victory to Scherer.
​    Although Republicans can slate another candidate if they meet the deadline, Scherer can already be declared the winner in this race -- months before the election.
    This one is over.

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