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Thanks For Generosity During Food Drive

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Maroa-Forsyth Makes History
    Shelbyville--Ian Benner threw for two touchdowns and ran for a third as Maroa-Forsyth defeated Shelbyville this afternoon (Saturday) on the Rams home field.
    As a result of its win, Josh Jostes and his Trojans head to DeKalb Friday to become the first team from Decatur and Macon County to play in the state championship games in Huskie Stadium on the Northern Illinois University campus.
    Benner threw two touchdown passes to Kameron Boline and rambled 58 yards for his own rushing touchdown.
    I will have more on this developing story in a future print edition of the Decatur Tribune.

Millikin Big Blue Volleyball Team Had Great Season

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Disrespecting Our Flag Is Disrespecting Our Veterans


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Endorse, Support Erik Jones For Congress In 13th District

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​Pharisees And Democrats Have Much In Common


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Happy Thanksgiving To All Of Our Readers... And Everyone Else!

     It doesn’t seem possible that Thanksgiving Day and weekend are here again!
    I certainly want to wish a happy Thanksgiving Day and season to all of our readers near and far -- and everyone else, too.
    Thanks so much for your support of this newspaper and its editor (me) for nearly a half century.  
    Many of you have been readers and subscribers from the very first print edition in September, 1968.
    I’ll have a few more personal comments about Thanksgiving in my “Viewpoint” column on page 3 of today's print edition.

• OUR COMMUNITY certainly has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season, considering all of the great things that are happening in Decatur and Macon County.
    A special thanks to Sheriff Howard Buffett and the Howard Buffett Foundation for the generous contributions to so many aspects of our community -- from law enforcement to our neighborhoods and organizations like the Boys & Girls Club, our veterans, the Children’s Museum, the WSOY Community Food Drive...and so much more that it would take a lot more space than I have to list.
    I have witnessed, and written about, so many great things happening in our community, thanks to Howard and so many others who are making an impact on Decatur and Macon County that hasn’t been seen in a long, long time.

    Congratulation to Howard on being inducted into the Decatur Wall of Fame.  He certainly is very deserving of the honor. 
    We have been so blessed to live in this community in 2017 -- and more great things are ahead in 2018!
    We have a lot of momentum going for us and being awarded the Governor’s Cup recently for the WSOY Community Food Drive was an indication of how much our community is pulling together to do great, unselfish things to benefit others.
    More and more people in the state, and beyond, are taking notice of the positive thrust of this community, and I couldn’t be more pleased about it -- or more thankful.
    Our community is blessed with so many great people who serve others, who do, instead of just talk about what we should do.
    Talking is important but doesn’t mean much unless “doing” follows the 

• ON MONDAY, strings of unwanted Christmas lights will start to be collected for recycling until Jan. 16, 2018 at two Macon County Environmental Management sites.         Residents may drop-off strings of lights at 141 S. Main Street, Room 408, Decatur, during regular business hours from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday or place strings of lights in the outdoor, white collection box at the Macon County Environmental Management Recycl-ing Center at 1750 N. 21st Street, Decatur.
    Bulbs do not need to be removed from strands of lights to be recycled but all packaging and any other attachments such as hangers, garland or decorations should be removed before dropping them off.
    Strings of lights that are excessively worn or not in proper working order are often discovered by holiday decorators. Rather than disposing of these unwanted light strands in the trash, recycling proves to be a better option. Recycling allows the metals and plastics in the unwanted strands to be reused in new products – reducing extraction costs, conserving resources and saving energy.
    When replacing strings of worn or non-working lights, holiday decorators are encouraged to consider LED lights, which use about a tenth of the energy of conventional light strings and typically last many times longer.
    Further information may be obtained by calling the Macon County Environmental Management Depart-ment at (217) 425-4505 or visiting their website at www.MaconGreen .com. 

 • I DON’T think the Christmas lights in Central Park and on the light poles of downtown streets have ever looked better than they do this year.
    I see them early in the morning when I arrive downtown before dawn and in the evening when I’m leaving the office and they sure do create the “Christmas” feeling with their beauty.
    Thanks to the efforts of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 146, and their team of apprentices, for all of their efforts in stringing all of those lights.
    Christmas in downtown Decatur would not be the same without their efforts. 

 • VOTES:  Some votes on the city council are extremely difficult, like Monday night’s endorsement of a $3.2 million deficit budget in hopes that Illinois lawmakers will reverse recent cuts to government funding so council can avoid future painful cuts. 
    Another Monday night vote had to be one of the easier votes for the council.  It was the Resolution Authorizing and Acknowledging Receiving of Grant Funds From the Howard G. Buffett Foundation for the Neighborhood Redevelopment Com-ponent of the City Community Revitalization Initiative. 
    As the saying goes “that was a no-brainer”.
    What city turns down a huge financial “gift” that will help the City of Decatur achieve one of its goals?
    This item was better than a “Black Friday” sale!!!!!

• THERE will be no City Hall Insider hour on Byers & Co. Nov. 23 because of Thanksgiving.    

Listen to the “City Hall Insider” hour with Paul Osborne on Byers & Co. at 7:00 every Thursday morning over NEWS/TALK 1340 WSOY. 


​​Central Park Fountain in Downtown Decatur