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Macon County Clerk Issues Information Regarding Petitions for City Council Race

Macon County Clerk Steve Bean has released the following statement regarding petition filing for the city council race.
"The State Board of Elections has not finalized the filing dates. Different information concerning the City of Decatur’s filing dates is now available.
"The first day candidates can begin circulating petitions will be August 26,2014.
"The petitions will be filed at the City Clerk’s Office from November 17 through 24. Previously, we thought the filing would be a week later during the Thanksgiving week.
"Candidates for School Boards, Park Boards, Community College Boards. Austin Land Commissioners, Cities and Villages other than Decatur, Library Boards, Fire Protection Districts, and Regional (ROE) Boards will begin circulating on September 23, 2014. They will file their petitions December 15-22 with their local election officials except School Board Member will file at the county clerk’s office in which their school district is headquartered.
"Any questions please call Steve Bean at 424-1306."
All of this means we are only about a month away from when city council and mayor candidates can start circulating petitions -- and that will be here before you know it.

News Of PPG Sale 
Was A Surprise

The news that PPG is selling all the assets of its Mt. Zion facility to automotive glass manufacturer Fuyao Glass America Inc., caught most of us by surprise.
There was not anything “in the wind” that negotiations had been taking place and, a couple of city council members I talked with when the announcement was made, had been unaware that the sale would take place, which is something local leaders wouldn’t necessarily know ahead of the announcement.
Councilman Larry Foster, who filled in for Mayor Mike McElroy to represent the City of Decatur when the announcement was made at the PPG plant, was caught a little off-guard because the sale had not been discussed publicly, and apparently not privately, with the council. 
Councilman Pat McDaniel told me that he first heard of the sale when a citizen told him he had heard it on the news.
Even though Decatur will be impacted by the PPG expansion, it is well to remember the facility is in Mt. Zion, not
Decatur, so there was no reason to work with Decatur on making the sale happen.
It also appears that, at this point, it is strictly a business deal between PPG and Fuyao, with no municipal strings attach
The good news is that Fuyao plans to rebuild and retrofit the facility’s two production lines to manufacture automotive glass, which means more jobs at the plant.  
There is no way to know how many jobs will be created, but the figures that I’ve heard projected could mean 50 to 100 new positions.
It seems like the PPG plant has been a little under the radar the past few years and the announcement of the sale, and possible jobs created, have put it on the front page.
Regardless of how the two companies worked out the definitive agreement, or how many or few local leaders were involved, it is positive news for our area -- and a great PR tool to encourage other investment by companies already here or who are looking to possibly locate here.

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