You Can Still Be Part Of 9/11 Memorial 


  LAUREN AXE, a dedicated promoter of the Decatur 9/11 Memorial has informed me that construction costs for the memorial in Nelson Park, alongside Lake Decatur, came in at almost twice the projected cost.
    “We need to sell 26 more memorial granite pavers to pay the construction costs,” added Lauren, who indicated that 50 pavers are left. 
    The cost for each paver is $140.
    If you want to help by purchasing a paver, contact Lauren, at 217-422-3913 or email her at laxe@gamueller.com
    The 9/11 memorial, which features a beam from one of the twin towers destroyed in New York City, was dedicated on Sept. 11, 2017, thanks to the tireless efforts of Lauren and so many others in the community. 

    • LAST WEEK, while I was on WSOY’s Byers & Co., Brian told me about a special project to benefit the Help 4 Heroes Fund for the Macon County Veterans Assistance Commission.
    Now through Veterans Day they are working to raise $25,000 for the fund and, as happened last year (the first year of the effort), if the money is raised, the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, is offering a 5 to 1 match of $125,000!
    I think you know, from reading this newspaper over the years, that veterans are very close to my heart and this is such a worthwhile project to provide assistance to some of our veterans in Macon County who are in need.
    In addition, thanks to Rainstorm Car Wash, all proceeds on Veterans Day from both locations, will be given to the Help 4 Heroes Fund.
    If you want to contribute to help our veterans, you can make your check payable to The Veterans Assistance Commission and mail it to: WSOY, C/O Help 4 Heroes, 250 N Water St., Suite 100,  Decatur IL 62523.
    You can also contribute online.  Go to
www.nowdecatur.com for details.

    • THE MUNICIPAL Parking Garage on the southeast corner of Main and Franklin streets (south of the library) has two levels.
    The top level opens onto South Franklin Street with two lanes (with no divider) to enter and two lanes to exit.
    That sounds simple enough and, as you are leaving the garage there are two “exit” signs (printed in red) showing where to drive so there will be no confusion as to which lanes to use in leaving. (If you look real close at the photo above you can see the two exit signs over the exit lanes.)
    The reason I mention the lanes is that I’ve heard several complaints of those who park in the garage leaving through the entrance lanes -- causing some near misses of cars entering the garage as drivers use the wrong lanes.
    I’ve experienced a couple of close calls myself in entering the garage only to come grill-to-grill with a car driven by someone using the entrance lane to leave, instead of the exit lanes that can’t be more than 15 feet north.
    Just saying....be careful...and use the entrance to enter and the exit lanes to exit.
    I don’t want to see anyone injured as a result of someone using the wrong parking garage lane.
    Since most of the parking spots are rented by the month, or year, there’s not much of an excuse for a driver not knowing which lanes to use.

    • BEST WISHES to Rick Marley, the City of Decatur’s Public Works Director, who retired Oct. 16.
    Rick came to Decatur during the time I was mayor and he was always an easy person to work with and extremely knowledgeable about the projects and potential projects to make the community better.
    Decatur has been fortunate to have him during the decade-plus he served here.

    • THE CITY Council approved a preliminary rezoning move for “Southeast Place” -- a development of 30 homes to be located east of the AMC Theatres on Illinois 121. at Monday night’s meeting.
    As far as I know that’s the first new subdivision for Decatur in at least a decade so it’s obviously good news for our city.
    Roy Mosser is the developer of the property.
    The council voted 7-0 on the rezoning.      Anytime there is a 7-0 vote on a major issue, that’s also good news.

    • DECATUR CITY COUNCILMAN Pat McDaniel, who is also a veteran, recently commented on athletes taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem be-fore sporting events -- primarily football games.
    McDaniel said: “Would it be more appropriate for those Americans who feel the need to kneel during the playing of the National Anthem at football games and other public events to kneel at the gravesites of the thousands of U.S. Military Soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice following the American Flag into military battles around the world in our country’s long Military Armed Forces history in defending the American Freedoms that we all cherish today that gives those same Americans the right to kneel during the playing of the National Anthem.” 

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​​Central Park Fountain in Downtown Decatur

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